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Corporate Group Travel

With hard work come incentives and some organization ensure that they give their employees the due for their effort. A corporate group incentive program is a traditional and time tested approach to boosting employee morale and motivating them in a way that other awards fall short. The end result is stronger business results for the company. […]

Air ambulance- the only gateway to proper medical assistance in failing countries

Chartered flights are not just for business and pleasure; they also provide vital assistance in the times of medical emergencies. A chartered flight used for this purpose is an air ambulance. The air ambulance can be run by the government or funded by the public or can be an organization by itself. Whatever the case […]

Why use private jets?

A privilege of the privileged few, private jets can prove to be the ultimate in luxury and comfort and style.  True to the popular notion, cruising the world in a private jet asks for a great deal of money, and hence these sky liners are not yet causing major air traffic. Most of the people would […]

Private Jets Solution

Private jet service is one of the most viable solutions in situations of emergency journeys. Though due to the extremely high payment the service was quiet unreachable for mainstream customers owing to the increasing number of important business tours the service is quiet common and available at considerable rates. Private jet service is always a […]

Some Facts about Private Jets

You hear private jets and you think James Bond. The picture brings in images of wealth, power and style. Until very recently private jets were considered to be the pet toys of the rich and the famous but not anymore. With more companies beginning to value time and providing an unforgettable experience to their customers, […]

Air Charter Solution for Perfect Journey

Air charter service permits you to have complete authority over an aircraft exclusively hired for your traveling purpose. Officers like business executives and similar professionals may have to make quick and urgent journeys quiet often. In such situations it is shear waste of time to opt for a normal aircraft journey. The reason is quiet […]

Private Jet – How much does it really cost?

With the recurring terrorist threats as well as terrorist attacks looming large across the globe, traveling is no longer considered to be a safe bet. More so, if you choose to do so by a commercial airline. The 9/11 tragedy alone has reduced the number of passengers taking flights in the US by as much […]

Private jet service

A private jet service is one of the fast growing services in market. Its use is mainly for business executives and professionals of multinational companies who need to make frequent long distance journeys without any pre planned schedules. Under such circumstances it is practically unable to wait at the counters and clear the lengthy formalities […]

Air Charter Solutions – What to Choose?

Air charter solutions form an umbrella where all the aviation services come together. Right from leasing or renting a private jet to buying services, broker assistance to air services for myriad purposes. Chartering an aircraft would involve a lot of looking in to. From choosing the right kind of an aircraft which suits the customer […]

Hiring an Air Charter Service

Air charter services are of a great deal of help to people who frequently need to make emergency journeys quickly. The situation is more frequent among business executives and other similar important officials. In such a situation for an imperative journey it is quiet not practical to make the routine steps and opt for a […]

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