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Private Jet New York to London — Jet Charters from NYC to London

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private jet charters from New York to London. Fly on a private jet from New York to London is by far the fastest and most convenient way to travel.  This private air charter route is popular with business travelers visiting London’s financial district. It is also selected by families who are […]

Private Jet Charter from New York to San Francisco

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private jet charters from New York to San Francisco. This private air charter route is popular with business travelers visiting San Francisco’s financial district and families who are vacationing. Three primary airports serve private air charter service from New York: San Francisco International (SFO) is the largest airport in Northern California […]

Private Jet Charter from New York to Las Vegas

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private jet charters from New York to Las Vegas. This private air charter route will take you directly to one of the most renowned tourist spots in the U.S. for fine dining, nightlife and world-class entertainment. Las Vegas ranks as the eighth most popular U.S. tourist destination, attracting more than 42 […]

Private Jet Charter from New York to Houston

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private jet charters from New York to Houston. This private air charter route is trending for travelers seeking to experience a thriving and diverse culture with delicious food and a warm welcome. Houston is also a major hub for business with many domestic and international companies, including many Fortune 500 companies. […]

Private Jet from New York to Los Angeles

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private charter service from New York to Los Angeles. This transcontinental route is one of the most widely used by business executives, entertainers, and families who choose sunny Southern California to vacation. Several airports service private air charter flights from New York. Hands down, Van Nuys (KVNY) is the most popular […]

Discover Bolivia’s Hidden Gem Sucre by Private Jet

If whitewashed building, charming churches lining the streets and quaint plazas is our type of destination, then you would love Sucre, Bolivia. Though La Paz is the more widely-known city due to it being the seat of government, Sucre is actually the nation’s capital and remains somewhat of a hidden gem. Surrounded by mountains and […]

Explore Tanzania with Mercury Jets

Tanzania – beyond the images of giraffes and elephants – is a country that has some of the most beautiful beaches and magical experiences. From the historical towns to taking tours of spice plantations and savoring local cuisine, it is a country where everyone can make lasting memories. Between a tropical paradise and all the […]

Explore Tbilisi, Georgia with Mercury Jets

Bordered by the beautiful Caucasus Mountains on one side and the Black Sea on the other, Tbilisi is a city that is caught between the border of the East and the West. With a dark past, a walk through this capital city is both foreign and familiar at the same time. There are European influences, […]

Explore Iceland with Mercury Jets

Iceland – one of the most popular destinations at the moment – has a typical Arctic climate. This means that the winters are long and dark and the summers are short and bright. Both seasons, however, make a great experience. Winter being a great time to do some great skiing and watching the Northern Lights, […]

Discover Antigua with Mercury Jets

Antigua is somewhat of a scene from a beautiful and historic movie, with pastel-colored buildings, church-ruins, and colonial architecture throughout the city. Though the city name translates into ancient, there is still a youthful spirit throughout the entire city that you can feel. With a down-to-earth personality, laid-back energy, and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder […]

Explore Ukraine’s Cultural Capital of Lviv with Mercury Jets

At the crossroads of Europe and Russia, Lviv is a city with great character. One of the wonderful cities in Ukraine, Lviv boasts a wide range of activities amidst the brightly colored buildings and charming cafes serving chocolate and coffee that the city is well-known for. Thought the city is in Ukraine, it resembles more […]

Explore Florence with Mercury Jets

Florence is a magical place in Italy that hardly doesn’t do anything well. From the mouthwatering cuisine to historical discoveries and bespoke shopping, to history and art that has long been admired by people all around the world, every corner in the city is almost like a masterpiece in itself, captivating your heart and bringing […]

Explore Belfast with Mercury Jets

Belfast, in Northern Ireland, has for a long time been characterized by violence and political upheaval. For the past 30 years, to be exact. Thought these years have been extremely complex, the violence since then has ceased and many of the artifacts from this period of time have remained and become a part of a […]

Explore Cotswolds with Mercury Jets

Cotswolds, England – a dreamy place like a scene straight out of a Victorian drama. Quintessentially British, the Cotswolds are dotted with pastoral hills with sheep gazing and little cottage towns just like out a scene of a movie. With little cottage tows and a cozy atmosphere, the Cotswolds make you feel right at home. […]