Beechcraft Premier 1 Private Jet Charter

The Beechcraft Premier 1 is a light business jet with a fully composite fuselage, a large cockpit, and a swept aluminum wing. It is a striking representative of administrative aircraft and one of the best for business aviation purposes in this category of light jets. The plane made its first flight in 1998, after being introduced at the National Business Aviation Association convention. The model is certified and has all relevant, official documents.

The Beechcraft Premier 1 has significant advantages in its segment because of its excellent flight performance and low charter costs. Moreover, it has a fuselage that is wholly made of high-strength composite material, and the wings are made of aluminum alloy. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with two Williams International FJ44-2A engines and modern avionics.

With a Beechcraft Premier 1 charter, it is possible to travel in one of the largest cabins among private jets, with all the amenities for work and rest.

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  • MAX RANGE: 1,645 miles
  • MAX CRUISE SPEED: 530 mph
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 5.5 ft.
  • CABIN WIDTH: 5.4 ft
  • CABIN LENGTH: 13.5 ft
  • BAGGAGE CAPACITY: 77 cu ft


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