Aircraft Management Service

Aircraft Management Service

Aircraft Management

Aircraft management at Mercury Jets provides an opportunity for customers to generate revenue through the use of unused aircraft time. We value your time and budget – a feature that provides us with many returning customers. Our team of experienced and seasoned professionals is a phone call away.

What are aircraft management services?

Our dedicated services for private aircraft management allow you to get all the benefits of aircraft ownership while at the same time reducing your time spent on time-consuming management responsibilities associated with aircraft operation. With years of experience, we ensure handling complex issues such as aircraft maintenance coordination, compliance with aviation laws, and productive aircraft operations. As a result, the aircraft management service will provide you reduce costs and increased efficiency.

Why do I need aircraft management services?

Maintaining a private aircraft is a complex procedure involving many tasks. Hiring a private jet management company to handle your plane saves you a lot of time and makes your life easier. Our specialists will ensure your aircraft is appropriately maintained, crewed, and organized for your trip.

Typical aircraft management services

With Mercury Jets, you can enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the effort. Typical private jet aircraft management services include:

  • flight booking and scheduling;
  • crew training;
  • aircraft certification and airworthiness assurance;
  • aircraft maintenance;
  • charter operations.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing reliability and flexibility and ensuring you can plan a flight anytime.

Benefits of private jet aircraft management

The main benefit of using an aircraft management company is your wide range of options for looking after your aircraft. You can be as involved or detached as you want. We will care for such things as finding the most reliable cabin crew, maintaining your plane, and ensuring all your needs are met. This personalized service will make flying more relaxing and enjoyable than ever.

Private jet management costs

The cost will depend on the flight’s range, the aircraft’s size, and your specific aviation needs. Complete transparency is a crucial feature of Mercury Jets. We offer exclusive 24/7 service and will provide monthly or annual aircraft maintenance cost management forecasts.

Why choose Mercury Jets for your jet management needs

Because of our experience, attentiveness to needs, reliability, and personal approach, Mercury Jets, is the best aircraft management company and offers you an extensive arsenal of benefits.

  1. Maintenance. The main objective of our work is to ensure a safe flight and a pleasant private aircraft experience. Therefore, all of our aircraft are meticulously maintained and undergo additional technical inspections for extra assurance.
  2. Turnkey operation. Our team of experts will efficiently coordinate your travel arrangements and are available to schedule your next flight or deal with the tedious business aspects of aircraft ownership.
  3. Direct accounting. We do all financial planning and help you control your expenses and spending. This will ensure a positive financial result and reliable cooperation.
  4. Handling. Our professional staff provides aircraft parking, hotel accommodations, ground support equipment, and immigration services.

Mercury Jets management group is ready to help you manage your private aircraft and choose the best way to charter a private jet. We are connected to the world’s most extensive private aviation infrastructure and have access to unparalleled aviation resources.