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Ultra Long Range Jets

Ultra-long-range aircraft are the preferred option for both transcontinental and intercontinental journeys. These aircraft boast significant headroom, extended range capabilities, more spacious cabins, and at least one fully private lavatory, often complemented by an additional one, ensuring comfort and privacy. For those requiring extra space for equipment or baggage that might not fit in smaller planes, larger private jets provide an ideal solution.

The cabin space is generously allocated per passenger, featuring various configurations, including sleeping areas and sofas, tailored for comfort and facilitating interaction among passengers during the flight. With the ability to cover nonstop distances of 6000 miles or beyond, these jets are perfectly suited for uninterrupted long-distance travel.

Ultra Long Range Rental Cost

Renting an ultra-long-range jet, a pinnacle of luxury and convenience in private aviation, can vary in cost depending on several key factors. Typically, the rental price ranges from $8,000 to $14,000 per hour.

This cost is influenced by the jet’s model, age, and amenities. Ultra-long-range jets are designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, offering features like spacious cabins, enhanced speed, and the ability to fly long distances without refueling. Ideal for intercontinental travel, they provide a seamless and luxurious experience.

Ultra Long Range for Private Charter

Ultra Long Range Jets for Global Travel

Chartering an ultra-long-range jet is the epitome of luxury and efficiency in air travel, catering to those who demand the utmost in comfort, speed, and convenience for their long-haul journeys. These jets are designed to cover significant distances, such as transcontinental or intercontinental trips, without the need for refueling stops. Notable models include the Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 7500, and Dassault Falcon 8X, each offering spacious cabins, high-speed cruise capabilities, and advanced avionics.

Key features of ultra-long-range jets include:

  1. Extended Range: Capable of flying non-stop for over 6,000 nautical miles, these jets can connect distant cities like New York to Shanghai or London to Singapore directly.
  2. Luxurious Comfort: They boast opulent interiors with full-sized beds, private suites, gourmet kitchens, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, ensuring a restful and productive environment.
  3. Advanced Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge navigation and communication systems for a smooth and safe journey. 
  4. Customization and Privacy: Chartering allows for a tailored travel experience, catering to specific needs and schedules, with the added benefit of complete privacy. 
  5. Efficiency: These jets fly at higher altitudes and faster speeds, reducing travel time and often allowing for quicker airport processing.

For individuals or groups who value time and comfort, especially for long-distance travel, chartering an ultra-long-range jet represents the pinnacle of private aviation, combining luxury, efficiency, and unparalleled service.

Charter a Long Range Jet with Mercury Jets

Mercury Jets offers a premium charter service that specializes in providing ultra-long-range jets, catering to clients who demand the highest levels of efficiency for their global travels. Ultra-long-range jet charter service is designed for those who wish to travel long distances without the need for stopovers, directly connecting cities across continents with ease. By prioritizing luxury and convenience, Mercury Jets ensures that passengers experience a seamless and highly personalized journey, whether for business or leisure.

Ultra Long Range Jets FAQs

An ultra-long-range jet is a category of business jet designed to fly longer distances than typical private jets, enabling non-stop travel across continents and oceans. These aircraft stand out for their exceptional range, speed, and luxury, making them the preferred choice for long-distance travel among executives, high-net-worth individuals, and anyone requiring efficient and comfortable global mobility.

Opting for an ultra-long-range jet charter brings numerous benefits, particularly for travelers valuing swift travel, luxurious comfort, and the flexibility to reach distant locations directly. These aircraft are engineered to cover extensive distances uninterrupted, facilitating seamless intercontinental journeys and eliminating the hassles of stopovers. Their generously appointed cabins, high-end amenities, and customizable interiors offer unmatched comfort and privacy, making them perfectly suited for both business executives and leisure seekers desiring a superior travel experience.

Ultra-long-range jets can be booked as little as four hours before departure.

However, it’s recommended to book your ultra-long-range jet charter at least two to four weeks in advance. This timeframe ensures better availability of your preferred aircraft and allows for any specific customizations you might need. During peak travel seasons or for complex itineraries, consider booking even earlier, possibly several months in advance, to secure the best options and rates.

The capacity of ultra-long-range jets varies by model, but they typically accommodate between 10 to 19 passengers. Some of the most advanced models can even be customized to suit specific client needs, potentially altering the standard seating arrangements to include features like private suites, office spaces, or lounges. These jets are designed to provide ample space and luxury, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a comfortable and private environment throughout their long-haul flights.

Ultra-long-range jet aircraft are designed to fly distances of approximately 6,000 to 7,500 nautical miles without refueling. This impressive range capability allows them to connect distant parts of the globe directly, enabling non-stop flights between city pairs like New York to Singapore or London to Buenos Aires. The exact range can vary depending on the specific model of the aircraft, its load (including passengers and luggage), and prevailing weather conditions.