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Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are the premier choice for private jet charter services for uninterrupted journeys spanning up to 7,500 miles and accommodating as many as 18 passengers. Designed specifically for mid to long-haul flights, this category of private jets excels in connecting major cities such as New York to London, Paris to Dubai, or traversing the length of Europe. They are perfectly suited for cross-continental trips.

Chartering a heavy jet offers an unrivaled travel experience, combining luxury, efficiency, and safety. Ideal for business or leisure, these jets provide a sanctuary in the sky, ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations refreshed and relaxed. Whether it’s for a transcontinental business trip or a luxurious escape, heavy jets stand as the pinnacle of private air travel.

Heavy Jet Rental Cost

The cost for chartering a heavy jet typically starts at around $7,500-$9,500 per hour. The cost of renting a heavy jet for private charter varies based on several factors, including the type of jet, route complexity, concierge services, and additional fees like airport and crew fees.

Heavy Jets for Private Charter

Charter a Heavy Jet for Business and Leisure Travel

Heavy Jet Charter services cater to business and leisure travel, offering unparalleled luxury, space, and performance. For business travelers, heavy jets provide a private and secure environment conducive to working while en route, equipped with state-of-the-art communication systems and ample meeting space. Leisure travelers will appreciate the same level of privacy and comfort, with spacious cabins often featuring luxury amenities such as private bedrooms, entertainment systems, and gourmet dining options.

The key advantage of heavy jet charters is their long-range capability, enabling non-stop travel across continents without the need for refueling stops, saving valuable time and ensuring a smoother travel experience. This makes them ideal for international business trips and luxury vacations to distant destinations. The emphasis on comfort, speed, and convenience, combined with the ability to customize the travel experience to meet specific needs, makes heavy jet charter an attractive option for those seeking to travel in style and efficiency, whether for business engagements or leisure pursuits.

Heavy Jets Charter with Mercury Jets

When chartering a heavy jet, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your trip, such as the number of passengers, baggage requirements, and the desired level of luxury. Heavy jet charters are suitable for a range of purposes, including business travel, family vacations, or attending special events.

Heavy jet charter services, with Mercury Jets, provide a comprehensive service that includes the flight and additional services like ground transportation and customized catering to enhance the travel experience.

Choosing Mercury Jets for your heavy jet charter ensures a luxurious flight experience and unparalleled service tailored to your needs. Our experienced team is committed to providing personalized service, from arranging bespoke in-flight catering to meeting unique travel requirements, ensuring every journey aspect is seamless and enjoyable. Safety is paramount, with Mercury Jets adhering to the strictest aviation safety standards, employing highly skilled pilots, and aircraft with the highest technical specifications. 

Heavy Jets Charter FAQ's

Heavy jets, a category of larger private aircraft, are designed to comfortably accommodate a group of 10 to 18 passengers. These jets are recognized for their extended range capabilities, typically offering flight durations of around 10 to 12 hours.

Choosing a heavy jet for private charter flights offers extended range, spacious interiors, impressive speed, enhanced comfort, business efficiency, and increased payload capacity, providing a premium and convenient air travel experience.

Heavy jets can be booked as little as four hours before departure.

The capacity of a heavy jet typically ranges from 10 to 18 passengers. These aircraft are designed to offer spacious seating arrangements, ample cabin space, and luxury amenities, making them ideal for both business and leisure long-haul flights. The exact capacity can vary based on the specific model of the heavy jet and its interior configuration.

The range of a heavy jet aircraft can vary significantly depending on the model. Still, these jets can typically fly distances of about 4,000 to 7,500 miles (approximately 6,400 to 12,070 kilometers) without refueling. This extensive range allows for long-haul flights, including transcontinental and intercontinental journeys, making heavy jets suitable for traveling vast distances with maximum efficiency and comfort.

Heavy jets can operate in a wide range of airports, including major international airports, regional airports, and select private airfields. Their capability to access smaller airports than those typically served by commercial airliners allows passengers to land closer to their final destination, reducing ground travel time and enhancing convenience. However, the specific airports a heavy jet can fly into depend on various factors, including runway length, weight restrictions, and local aviation regulations. Generally, heavy jets require runways of at least 5,000 to 6,000 feet in length for safe operation, but this can vary based on the jet’s weight, altitude of the airport, and current weather conditions.