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Private Jet Charter Belgrade, Serbia

Mercury Jets is an on demand air charter provider specializing in private jet charter and services in Belgrade, Serbia. Our team is composed of industry-leading professionals dedicated to providing our customers with the ultimate air charter experience. We are committed to safety, reliability, and white glove customer service. To obtain a charter quote tailored to your specific needs, please fill in the request form or call our agents 24/7 at +1-212-840-8000.

Private Jet Charter Flights Belgrade and Place to Visit

Mercury Jets provides private jet charter flights to and from Belgrade, Serbia.

Situated in the central part of the country, Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. Belgrade is the country’s economic, political, commercial, transportation, cultural, communication, and industrial center. It has strong agricultural machinery, metalworking, electronic, infrastructure, telecommunications, banking, and commerce industries. Belgrade is often called the “Gateway to the Balkans” for its strategic location at the crossroads of main routes connecting the Middle East and Central Europe.

Because of its unique position as a district, Belgrade is subdivided into 17 municipalities, all are governed by their own local authorities. Palilula, Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Lazarevac, and Sopot are the most populous cities in the region. The historic district of Skadarlija may be found in the municipality of Stari Grad, close to the city’s epicenter.

Belgrade, both contemporary and vibrant, possesses its unique charm and character. You can charter a private jet to Belgrade at a time that best suits your needs and priorities. Belgrade’s climate is usually warm subtropical, with an annual average temperature of +12.5 °C. The winters are pleasant, with average temperatures in the plus category, while the summers are warm, averaging +23 °C to +30 °C. This time of year attracts many people who enjoy outdoor activities because of the widespread popularity of many sports.

Belgrade Fortress, built in the first century, is one of the most prominent historical sights you won’t miss with a private jet to Belgrade. Throughout its existence, the castle has been the site of more than 100 battles, during which it has been destroyed and rebuilt more than 40 times. The majority of the territory is currently preserved as a landscape park.

Kalemegdan park is also one of the significant sights when you book a private jet to Belgrade. An extensive and beautiful getaway and cultural and historical complex in the heart of Belgrade’s historic district, which encompasses the Belgrade Fortress. A military museum, an art gallery, a zoo, a children’s play area, monuments, and sports grounds are all located inside Kalemegdan.

Another outstanding sight when renting a private jet to Belgrade is Knez Mihailova Street. You may start exploring the city from this location. This is where the local vibe is communicated with its full intensity. The street is always crowded with painters, singers, performers, people selling souvenirs, and people simply strolling along the street.

The most famous places of interest are the National Museum, Public Observatory, National Assembly, Belgrade Arena, National Theater, Royal Palace, Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress. With its uninspiring Soviet-era, modern architecture, luxurious busy shopping malls, green spaces, numerous cultural venues, and interesting recreational facilities, Belgrade private jet charter is a perfect destination for both leisure and business travelers worldwide.

Book Your Private Jet Charter to Belgrade

Booking a private flight to and from Belgrade, customers can choose from nine airports to land near the city. The city is served by Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG / LYBE), Lisicji Jarak Airport (LYBJ), Vrsac Airport (LYVR) and others.

Belgrade, Serbia Private Jet Charter

Belgrade Charter Flights and Available Airport Options

  1. BEG, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. LYBJ, Lisicji Jarak Airport, Belgrade, Serbia
  3. LYZR, Zrenjanin Airport, Zrenjanin, Serbia
  4. LYSD, Smederevo Airport, Smederevo, Serbia
  5. SMC, Sremska Mitrovica Airport, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
  6. LYVA, Valjevo Airport, Valjevo, Serbia
  7. QWV, Bela Crkva Airport, Bela Crkva, Serbia
  8. LYSP, Smederevska Palanka Airport, Smederevska Palanka, Serbia
  9. LYVR, Vršac Airport, Vršac, Serbia

Popular Private Jet Charter Flights to/from Belgrade

  • Private Jet to Belgrade from London
  • Charter Flights to Belgrade from Paris
  • Jet Charters to Belgrade from Zurich
  • Private Jet Charter Flights to Belgrade from Athens

Weather for Belgrade

25°C, 77°F;
Clear sky;
Humidity: 32%;
Wind: 2m/s SSW;
H 24 • L 23;
Sat 14°C, 57.2°F Sun 16°C, 60.8°F Mon 7°C, 44.6°F Tue 7°C, 44.6°F
light rain few clouds light rain clear sky

Charter FAQ About Private Jet to Belgrade

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Belgrade?

The cost of a private jet charter to Belgrade can vary widely and depends mostly on the size and capacity of the aircraft. If you’d like to obtain an estimation of how much a private jet rental to Belgrade might cost, you can either give us a call or use our online calculator.

Here are some prices to cost charter a private jet to Belgrade:

  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Belgrade from London: light jet – starting at $11,860;
  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Belgrade from Paris: turboprop – starting at $14,770;
  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Belgrade from Zurich: midsize jet – starting at $15,760.

Which aircraft should I choose for Belgrade private jet?

Mercury Jets have access to an extensive network of private aircraft and provide modern, reliable jets with highly trained and experienced flight crews on board, making a private flight to or from Belgrade an ideal option for a vacation or business trip. Choosing an aircraft for a private charter flight to Belgrade is based on the non-stop range, the number of passengers, comfort level, and the runway size.

When you hire a private jet to Belgrade with Mercury Jets, we take care of all your needs, from on-time boarding to providing comfortable seats that fit perfectly into any budget. Additionally, charter flights to Belgrade for conferences, meetings, special events, or group charter flights can be arranged on regional and VIP airliners.

Very Light Jets 2-8 passengers on average 1,250 nm up to 480 miles per hour up to 3 flight hours can land on shorter runways and at small airport
Light jets 5-6 passengers on average 1,800 nm 400-450 miles per hour up to 5 flight hours can land on shorter runways
Midsize jets 5-10 passengers on average 2,800 nm 430-480 miles per hour up to 8 flight hours suitable for long-distance travel, and can land on small runways
Super midsize Jets 8-10 passengers on average 3,000 nm 490-590 miles per hour up to 8 flight hours fast and fuel-efficient; larger luggage capacity
Heavy Jets 10-18 passengers on average 4,000 nm 480-560 miles per hour up to 13 flight hours can cruise at higher altitudes and operate in different weather conditions
Turboprops 7-10 passengers on average 1,800 nm 220-360 miles per hour up to 3 – 4 flight hours can flying a short distance with low operating cost

How to book my Belgrade jet charters?

You can book a private jet to Belgrade by calling us, or filling out the online form on our website. It is essential to be aware of how many passengers will be on board and the optimal time to depart. After that, we will arrange a private flight to Belgrade and customize the trip to your particular preferences.

Are there any luggage restrictions or guidelines on Belgrade private jet?

When you charter a private jet to Belgrade, the amount of luggage you may bring with you is almost unlimited. However, the precise amount of luggage that may be taken is determined by the aircraft size.

How far in advance do I need to make a Belgrade charter flight reservation?

If you are interested in booking a private jet to Belgrade, you need to give our agents a minimum of four hours’ notice to do so. After that, we will be able to provide you with the most suitable plane for your trip.

Popular activities in Belgrade for travelers to private jet

Book a private jet to Belgrade and visit one of the oldest cities in Europe. In this city, the past and the future have no boundaries and converge into a continuous stream, which never stops astonishing its visitors and the rest of the world with its peculiarity and brilliance. Belgrade boasts an abundance of historical and cultural sights, so be sure to visit them. The best cultural activities in Belgrade:

  • Belgrade Fortress
  • National Museum Belgrade
  • Skadarlija
  • Knez Mihailova
  • Ada Ciganlija
  • Museum of Illusions
  • Kalemegdan fortress and park


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