Group Charter Flights

Group Charter Flights

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Mercury Jets are specialists in private jet charter for your group flights. Our group charter consultants will offer you the best solution for business travel, corporate events, music tours, VIP events, sporting events, weddings, or special occasions.


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Group air charter flight

Mercury Jets can meet your needs for group private jet charters if you are planning to travel with a large group, regardless of your destination. Our team will be happy to help you find the right aircraft and will be in touch throughout the process. We offer a variety of aircraft for group flights in a variety of sizes and ranges.

Benefits of group private jet charter

A private jet charter offers a wide range of services and benefits, such as:

  • Choice of aircraft (you can choose the aircraft you want to fly on based on your group size and budget)
  • Direct flights to your destination (you can travel within or outside the country without additional connections)
  • Constant support (our team is available 24 hours a day for support and efficient service)
  • Personalized service (you can order catering, pick up food on board, order transfers after landing, etc.)

Group charter vs. commercial flights

Charter flights for groups is vastly superior to commercial aviation. It’s an excellent way to travel with your chosen circle of people without booking tickets a long time in advance to ensure there’s enough room for everyone. Instead, we can arrange an entire group charter flight from start to finish. Also, if needed, you can request extras like special meals to book airport conference rooms, transportation, or anything else you may need for your trip.

Additional benefits of private jets for groups:

  1. Separate terminals;
  2. More baggage space;
  3. Depart on your schedule;
  4. Ability to choose even hard-to-reach airports for boarding;
  5. Create your seating plan.

Types of group charters

The proper aircraft type for a group charter depends on the budget and number of people. However, our extensive experience can ensure that we meet all unique customer needs. Charter flights for groups have many options:

  • Corporate travel charter. We can provide a wide variety of types of corporate aircraft to get a group of people there and back safely and comfortably.
  • Government charter. From diplomatic tours to international events, we can transfer government officials worldwide on private aircraft.
  • Sports charter. Traveling in private aircraft teams, support staff, executives, and fans can fly comfortably. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your sports teams.
  • Charter for musicians and artists. We can provide a particular plane for flying a group of musicians with the necessary equipment.
  • Any other events. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, we have the experience to cover all aspects, from minor details to multiple flights to destinations.

What type of aircraft should I choose for a group air charter?

Our company offers customers unlimited access to a worldwide network of private jets for work or leisure. The aircraft most suitable for your route depends on the range, number of passengers, length of the runway, and more.

Group sizeAircraft categorySpecific features



Turboprop Aircraft
  • easily land in small airports, on a short runway;
  • suitable for comfortable flights for small groups;



Light Jets
  • suitable for 1,800 nm refueling flights at 400-450 miles per hour;
  • the majority of the boards are equipped with additional facilities, such as a restroom;



Midsize Jets
  • fly up to 2,800 nm without refueling;
  • equipped with a roomy luggage compartment;
  • the cabin is more comfortable than on light aircraft;
8-10 passengersSuper midsize Jets
  • flight range at 3,000 nm;
  • one of the fastest aircraft types in the private aviation segment;
10-16 passengersHeavy Jets
  • different cabin configurations, with relaxation areas, conference rooms, and separate bedrooms;
  • can fly at high altitudes, which guarantees a smooth and unobstructed journey;
  • non-stop crossing continents flights;
16-150 passengersAirliners
  • capable of non-stop flights over long distances of 6,100 nautical miles;
  • offer more space for luggage, oversized items and limited cargo;
  • can serve routes that no other category of private aircraft can fly on;

Group air charter flights cost

The price of a private jet depends on when you fly, on which plane, and additional options. Every trip is unique, so there is no standard cost for a private jet charter flight. However, you can contact our consultants to make private jet group travel more cost-effective. Also, use a private jet charter cost estimator, which gives you a rough estimate of the flight.

Book private group charter flights with Mercury Jets

The booking process with Mercury Jets is simple, and you need to request a price for your desired destination and tell us your travel dates and group size. Then, when choosing a private jet for your flight, our team will help you determine the best option for the charter flight group. Also, if you are traveling with lots of luggage or pets, we will be happy to help you choose the perfect plane to accommodate your group comfortably.

Mercury Jets offers a full range of large group charter flight services for those who want to fly comfortably, including separate airport check-in desks or individual meals. For private jet charters for groups to be successful, you need to start by choosing the right aircraft for your specific flight. Our team will provide ongoing support during group private jet charters to ensure you have a pleasant travel experience.