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Private Jet Charter Montevideo

Mercury Jets is an on-demand air charter provider specializing in private jet charter and services in Montevideo. Our team is composed of industry-leading professionals dedicated to providing our customers with the ultimate air charter experience. We are committed to safety, reliability, and white glove customer service. To obtain a charter quote tailored to your specific needs, please fill in the request form or call our agents 24/7 at +1-212-840-8000.

About Montevideo and Private Jet Charter Flights

Mercury Jets provides private jet charter flights to and from Montevideo.

The largest city and capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is a beautiful and green city with almost half of the total population. Colonial architecture is preserved in the city, but new neighborhoods are actively built, tourist infrastructure is developed and new businesses are opened. The climate of the region is mild subtropical, beach season here begins in late October and lasts until May.

Montevideo is very popular for a quiet beach holiday, it is possible to swim and sunbathe everywhere. There are also many board rentals and surfing schools on the coast, where one can learn how to catch a wave. The architectural sights of Montevideo are represented through a mix of different styles, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. If you come to the capital of Uruguay for a sightseeing program, opt for the central areas. The most famous of these, Cordón, is filled with all sorts of attractions and places to relax. Among them, are the National Library, Plaza Artola Park, Dominican Church, and more. Guests can go wine tasting at Bouza Bodega Boutique, explore the Old Town, windsurf or kitesurf. In addition, the city is famous for very interesting traditional cuisine.

Book Your Private Jet Charter to Montevideo

Booking a private flight to and from Montevideo customers can choose from four airports to land near the city. The Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport (MVD, SUMU) is 19 miles from the center of Montevideo. It is the largest airport in the country and is also well equipped to receive private charters to and from Montevideo.

Montevideo, Uruguay Private Jet Charter

Montevideo Charter Flights and Available Airport Options

  1. MVD, Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay
  2. PDP, Capitán de Corbeta Carlos A. Curbelo International Airport, Punta Del Este, Uruguay
  3. UY1, Angel S Adami, Melilla, Uruguay
  4. CSO, Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

Popular private jet charter flights to Montevideo

  • Charter a Private Jet from Las Vegas to Montevideo
  • Charter Flights from San Francisco to Montevideo
  • Private Flights from San Diego to Montevideo
  • Private Jets from Phoenix to Montevideo
  • Charter Flights from Houston to Montevideo

Weather for Montevideo

11°C, 51.8°F;
Humidity: 93%;
Wind: 4m/s NNE;
H 12 • L 11;
Thu 17°C, 62.6°F Fri 20°C, 68°F Sat 17°C, 62.6°F Sun 16°C, 60.8°F
clear sky few clouds broken clouds overcast clouds

Charter FAQ About Private Jet to/from Montevideo

How much is a private jet charter in Montevideo?

Montevideo charter flights are steadily popular because they are great regardless of the purpose of the trip. The cost will depend on several factors, the characteristics of the route, the model, and type of aircraft, the level of comfort and service, as well as the number of passengers. In addition, when calculating the total amount additional services are taken into account. Among them are hotel/airport transfers, customs clearance, and catering services. Our team pays attention to every detail of your private charter service in Montevideo.

Here are some costs to charter a private jet to Montevideo:

  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Miami to Montevideo: super-midsize jet – starting at $77,510;
  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet from New York to Montevideo: heavy jet – starting at $120,810;
  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Los Angeles to Montevideo: heavy jet – starts at $143,350.

Which aircraft should I choose for Montevideo private jet?

When choosing a charter jet in Montevideo, there are two main criteria, the distance and the number of passengers. If comfort is the main criterion, then choose the plane according to budget. If you want to choose the business jet, please fill in the short application form at the website or contact our agents.

Very Light Jets 2-8 passengers on average 1,250 nm up to 480 miles per hour up to 3 flight hours can land on shorter runways and at small airport
Light jets 5-6 passengers on average 1,800 nm 400-450 miles per hour up to 5 flight hours can land on shorter runways
Midsize jets 5-10 passengers on average 2,800 nm 430-480 miles per hour up to 8 flight hours suitable for long-distance travel, and can land on small runways
Super midsize Jets 8-10 passengers on average 3,000 nm 490-590 miles per hour up to 8 flight hours fast and fuel-efficient; larger luggage capacity
Heavy Jets 10-18 passengers on average 4,000 nm 480-560 miles per hour up to 13 flight hours can cruise at higher altitudes and operate in different weather conditions
Turboprops 7-10 passengers on average 1,800 nm 220-360 miles per hour up to 3 – 4 flight hours can flying a short distance with low operating cost

How to book my charter jet in Montevideo?

If you want to reach another city or country as soon as possible, the best choice is to rent a business jet. You can book your private plane charter in Montevideo by sending an email to or by calling us at +1-212-840-8000. We will make you the best offer based on your needs. You can pay online in any convenient way.

How to book an empty leg flight on the jet charter Montevideo empty leg flight?

Popular private aviation empty leg flights can be purchased right now with considerable savings. Often, a plane on its way to pick up passengers or returning to base after dropping off passengers will fly empty. Contact our consultants for exact flight schedules and quick costs for empty leg flights to and from Montevideo.

Are there any luggage restrictions or guidelines on the Montevideo private jet?

There are certain restrictions on the weight, size, and amount of luggage for the Montevideo air charter service. This depends on the type and size of the private jet. If the weight or size of your luggage exceeds the limits, it is better to arrange the details with our agents beforehand. You will be contacted by one of our experts for the best possible offer.

What documents do I need for air charter service in Montevideo?

It may seem that Montevideo private jet charters are exempt from some rules and procedures, but this is not the case. If you travel within the country you only need to have your identity card. When boarding abroad, passengers must have their passports and visas with them. If you are not sure whether you need a visa or not, then it is important to check the rules of the host country beforehand. To ensure that your air charter Montevideo flight goes as smoothly as possible, ask our consultant for advice on all the relevant details.

What popular services are available on a private charter to Montevideo?

Montevideo private jet offers you the most comprehensive range of services. It is always fast and qualitative service, round-the-clock support in solving organizational problems, and privacy of your personal information. Flying on a private jet implies having internet in the cabin, enough space to work, and more. Renting group charter flights is also very easy, just call our phone number.

Private jet passengers travel with much more freedom, convenience, and comfort to where they want to go, at a time of their choosing. If you don’t find the answers to all of your important questions here, you can contact one of our experts or visit our private jet charter FAQ page.


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