Private Jet Flights to Cuba

The island nation of Cuba is nestled in the Caribbean just 90 miles south of Key West, Florida. It has snow white beach speckled with tobacco fields. where the country’s famous cigars come from.
From the cars made in the 1950’s to the pastel colored house of Havana to the 16th century architecture of Old Havana images and memories of a time gone by are what most people think of. You can still hear the Salsa playing from the night clubs or go to the famous Tropicana and catch on of their cabaret shows.
Only until very recently Cuba and all its attractions have been out of reach to most Americans. Thanks to recent resolutions that has been changed. Passengers can now fly between the US and Cuba although there are a few restrictions.
To be allowed to fly between the US and Cuba, either using commercial carries or chartering a private jet, you will have to qualify under a specific category including:
  • Visiting Family
  • US Government Official Business
  • Journalistic Activity
  • Professional Research/ Business Gatherings
  • Visits for Educational Purposes
  • Religious Activities
  • Clinics/Workshops/Public Performances/Athletic Competitions
  • To Support the people of Cuba
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Private foundation Activities/Research/Education
  • Import/Export of informational material
  • Authorized BIS Transaction
Additional to fly to Cuba you must depart from one of only 16 authorized airports that include most major airports in Florida, as well as Key West, plus Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.
Private Jet Flights to Cuba
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