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What is Private Jet Charter and How it Can Work for You 

A private jet charter is the process of hiring a private plane for personal or business use. It allows individuals, groups, or businesses to enjoy a convenient and luxury flight without owning a private jet. Depending on a passenger’s needs, preferences, and budget, private jet charter companies provide a range of different jet types to choose from. 

Private Plane hire offers various benefits to passengers, including time-saving by avoiding airport lines and delays, the flexibility to choose departure times and destination, complete privacy during the flight, luxurious amenities such as spacious cabins, comfortable seats, in-flight entertainment, and gourmet catering, as well as a high level of safety and security through adherence to strict safety standards and regulations. Business jet charter can work for anyone who prioritizes convenience, efficiency, and comfort in private air travel, providing a personalized and luxurious flying experience. 

How to Charter a Private Jet Near Me 

If you’re planning a private flight and want to know the fastest, most efficient, and hassle-free way to book your desired private jet charter, look no further. Follow these easy steps to learn how to travel by private jet. 

1. Using Our Online Private Jet Charter Calculator

One of the best tips on how to find the right private jet charter services for your needs is to use our online private jet charter calculator. Mercury Jets provides an online calculator that helps you estimate the cost of a private jet charter based on your travel needs. Simply enter your departure and destination airports, travel dates, number of passengers, and whether you need a one-way or round-trip flight to get an instant estimate of the cost. 

2. Provide Private Jet Trip Details 

To book a private jet charter, the initial step is to provide the details of your trip. When a client contacts us to request a charter quote, it is essential to know the desired travel dates and times, as well as the number of passengers traveling, as these factors can impact the range of trip solutions available. Sharing comprehensive trip information with us helps us source the appropriate aircraft size that meets their needs. Therefore, the more information clients provide about their trip, the better equipped we are to find the perfect aircraft for them. 

3. Explore Private Plane Charter Options 

Once you provide us with the trip details, our flight coordinator will discuss various plane charter solutions with you, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each option. For instance, if in-flight connectivity is essential, we’ll help you find a plane with Wi-Fi capability. We will also discuss critical features such as aircraft size, maximum bed capacity, and the need for a flight attendant, depending on the jet’s size. 

4. Be Aware 

Many first-time private jet charter clients overlook the importance of familiarizing themselves with the aircraft they are booking. It’s crucial to research and understand the specifications of different aircraft, including their spaciousness, onboard amenities, and overall appearance. 

While cost is a significant consideration, it may mean compromising on other factors like the space and flexibility of your travel plans. If you prioritize the luxury experience of flying on a private jet, it’s essential to do your due diligence and identify precisely what you want and need. 

5. Choose Your Top 3 Private Flight Solutions 

After discussing the aircraft options, the next crucial step in booking a private jet charter is to shortlist the top three preferred planes. Private aviation availability changes rapidly, making it essential to act fast. Booking directly with a private jet operator has advantages over a broker, such as a vast fleet to choose from, quick access to replacement aircraft, and alternative options if plans change. It’s imperative for clients to communicate their top three choices as soon as possible. Delaying the selection process can result in the preferred aircraft being no longer available. Therefore, prompt action is necessary to secure your desired private jet charter.

6. Review the Private Flight Cancellation Policy

Once the client has chosen their top three options, the flight coordinator will provide them with a charter agreement that outlines the cancellation terms. It’s essential to note that during peak travel periods and holidays, the no-fee cancellation window is typically much shorter. 

7. Completing the Private Flight Booking – Sign the Agreement and Arrange Payment 

After reviewing the terms and conditions of the charter agreement, the next step is to sign the agreement and arrange for payment. For our preferred charter clients, the process is simplified as the agreement is already in place, and funds are available on the account, enabling us to reserve the aircraft quickly without the need to review the agreement and coordinate payment. 

8. Enjoy your private jet charter 

On the day of your private jet charter, arrive at the airport at least 15-30 minutes prior to your departure time. You will be greeted by your pilot and provided with any additional information or assistance you may need.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Get The Best Deals on Private Jets? 

To ensure you secure the best deals on private jets, it’s important to consider various factors. Follow these tips and tricks to maximize your chances of getting the best deals while taking these aspects into account:

  • Research luggage capacity: When booking a private jet, compare prices and consider the amount of luggage you’ll be carrying. Different private jet models have varying luggage capacities. If you have substantial baggage requirements, look for jets with spacious storage compartments or inquire about additional luggage options. Being aware of these capacities will help you choose an aircraft that suits your needs and compare prices on plane charters. 
  • Discuss pet policies: If you plan to travel with your pet, it’s crucial to understand the pet policies of different private jet charter companies. Some operators offer discounted private jet charter services that allow pets on board, while others may have restrictions or additional fees. Contact charter companies in advance to discuss their pet policies and any specific requirements they might have for pet travel. Prioritizing the safety and comfort of your pet during the flight is essential. 
  • Consider the charter company’s pet-friendly aircraft options: Not all private jet models are equally accommodating for pets. Engage in discussions with the charter company or broker to find out about their pet-friendly aircraft options. By understanding your pet’s needs and preferences, they can assist you in selecting an aircraft that meets both your travel requirements and the comfort of your furry companion. A charter company that prioritizes pet-friendly services will help ensure a pleasant and safe experience for your pet throughout the journey. 
  • Plan in advance: Planning ahead is vital for securing the best deals on private jets, including discounted rates on private jet charter services. By booking early, you increase your chances of finding aircraft that meet your specific luggage and pet accommodation requirements. Comparing prices and availability in advance can lead to better deals and more options to choose from. 
  • Consider smaller airports: Exploring different airport options near your departure and destination points can result in cost savings. Smaller, less busy airports sometimes offer lower costs compared to major international airports. Consider alternative airports and their facilities or regulations for pets or luggage. Being flexible with airports can open up more choices and potentially lead to better deals. 
  • Travel with a group: If you’re traveling with a group of people, chartering a larger aircraft that accommodates more passengers can be cost-effective. By splitting the cost among the group, you can reduce individual expenses and secure better deals. 

Why Should You Choose Mercury Jets for Your Private Jet Travel? 

Mercury Jets provides a safe, flexible, and comfortable private jet travel experience at competitive pricing. With a team of experienced professionals, we prioritize safety and work with only the highest-rated operators. Our advanced technology optimizes flight paths for efficiency and reduced travel time, and we offer a wide range of aircraft to suit your needs and distance of travel.

We provide aircraft are equipped with amenities like WiFi, entertainment options, a lavatory, and a galley for maximum comfort. Plus, we provide 24/7 support and accommodate last-minute itinerary changes. Choose Mercury Jets for your next private jet travel.