5 Reasons To Choose Private Jet Charter Over Commercial Airlines

5 Reasons To Choose Private Jet Charter Over Commercial Airlines

Some of the advantages of flying private include speed, privacy, and cabin amenities. More travelers than ever before are realizing the value of flying private, including how chartering a private jet can be considered safer than traveling on a commercial airliner.

1. Third-Party Safety Checks

Private jet charter companies have established audit and review contracts with various third-party consultants to maintain full compliance with FAA-mandated regulations. This protocol includes:

  • Screening by the TSA and DHS and submittal to federally mandated drug testing.
  • Screening all passengers and crewmembers against the TSA no-fly list.
  • Maintaining communication with the proper authorities to develop a secure and controlled environment at all times, both in the air and on the ground.
  • Maintaining a controlled office environment to accommodate the privacy of clients and sensitive projects.
  • Coordinating with local authorities, representatives of the U.S. government, and private security companies to ensure that every operation – including those in politically unstable regions – is conducted in a safe, secure, and ethical manner while adhering to safety guidelines, national regulations, and international protocols.

2. Private Terminals

Privacy creates a safer environment for all travelers. By flying private, you can avoid navigating busy terminals and long security lines and relax comfortably in a secured lounge.

3. Shorter Travel Times

Private jet passengers have access to the fastest jets in the market. By traveling according to your itinerary, you can spend less time commuting. By flying nonstop, you can avoid unforeseen cancellations and delays frequently experienced by commercial air travelers with connecting flights. There is also a timesaving advantage with the ability to depart and arrive at less congested airports.

4. Fewer Passengers

Commercial travelers may encounter several hundred passengers during travel to their destination. By traveling with business associates, family or friends, your safety and security are greatly enhanced by flying with people who are known to you.

5. Travel at Higher Altitudes

Private jets can travel at higher altitudes than commercial jets. At higher altitudes, the air is thinner with less turbulence. This creates a smooth, comfortable ride for passengers. There is also less air traffic at higher altitudes. Not only is it safer with fewer aircraft but pilots can change flight paths more easily if the need arises.

In conclusion, the aviation industry places safety as its highest priority. Whether you fly commercial or private, robust safety measures are in place to protect passengers. Private jets offer advantages that enhance safety, from shorter travel times, avoidance of traffic on the ground and in the air to protocol and procedures for a safe and stress-free travel experience.

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