Air Cargo – 100th Year Anniversary

Air Cargo - 100th Year Anniversary

It is a little known fact that in November Air Cargo celebrated its 100th anniversary. That’s right, on November 7th 1910, Mr. Max Morehouse did the first air cargo charter flight across the North Eastern USA. Since then Air Cargo, among it air cargo charter, has grown into a multi Billion dollar industry. It has also branched out into a number of directions. Need to go Now Cargo, AOG and Express overnight just to name a few.

Aircraft companies have recognized this, and aircraft manufacturers like Bombardier are very cleverly addressing certain gaps in the cargo charter and scheduled carrier market. Most air cargo is on a contract basis but because of the speed things are moving in the world we are living in, private charter for cargo is a very rapidly growing industry.

This allows for smaller airline owners with smaller fleets and much smaller aircraft the opportunity to move away from passenger transportation and look at the less demanding and more profitable air cargo business. Traditional passenger planes are having their seats removed and are flying smaller emergency on demand air freight all over the country and world. Aircraft like the Piper Chieftain and Merlin’s are parked right alongside traditional air cargo Aircraft like the Dc-3, Beech1800 Turbine and Metro’s.