Air Charter Broker – A Man’s Best Friend

Air Charter Broker – A Man’s Best Friend

In these turbulent times, users of private aviation are increasingly receptive to more convenient, flexible, and cost-effective ways to fly. For anyone who uses private aviation, a great charter broker can be of tremendous value.

For an aircraft owner, a charter broker can act as the ace up your sleeve for those just-in-case scenarios. There are occasional unforeseen circumstances that require aircraft owners to seek supplemental lift. A charter broker gives you a 24/7 relationship. This individual goes into the market to find you the best aircraft for the best price.

As an aircraft owner, you may have the need for a larger or smaller aircraft. Instead of calling down to a local charter company that may lack the flexibility and availability you demand, a charter broker has worldwide flexibility and matches the most appropriate aircraft for each and every trip.

As a fractional owner, it’s easy to get comfortable and overlook the true cost and lack of flexibility associated with your program. Fractional providers make you believe that anything you need, you can get through the program. While my last statement may be true, there is often a financial sacrifice that’s made as a result. Many fractional owners just use their fractional hours and no other type of charter service. Having an educated charter broker at your side will allow you to weigh your options in order to get the best of both worlds.

There are many trips that fractional owners take that just do not make economical sense when other much more cost-effective alternatives exist for the anticipated route. By using your fraction for trips where your hours make sense and using charter for trips where charter makes sense, then you will be getting the most out of your private aviation investment. Before you enter into your first, or perhaps another five-year contract, check with a veteran charter broker