Air Charter in China

Air Charter in China

Being the world’s second-largest economy, China is starting to become more involved in private air charter and has joined the ranks of the US and Europe in competing in the private jet industry. While the Chinese government continues to hold tight on restrictions for low-altitude flying by private jets, it seems temporary as they assess the value of the private air charter market.

They are beginning to slightly loosen their grip, and are expected to accommodate the needs of the private air charter market since they want a share of it. This is great news for private jet owners and the private air charter industry as a whole which will welcome growth as it means expansion of routes and thus more private air charter commerce and more private jets and routes. 

In general, Chinese air traffic has doubled, and the overall rate of the aviation market growth is expected to continue its upward pattern, which indicates that we will see an increase in private jet sales and thus private air charters in China.

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has begun commissioning the construction of their own private jets, set to compete with Airbus and Boeing. This will ultimately be to the advantage of both the Chinese and Western aircraft manufacturers and can only benefit the private air charter industry with more choices in private jets.

China and the West will be able to form partnerships that will be advantageous to both in the private jet and air charter industries. In the interim, we welcome China in contributing toward the growth of private jets and air charters. Like in any industry more competition is better for the private air charter consumer. This entry by China into the construction of new private jet aircraft can only mean an increase in options for the private jet traveler and more private air charters on a global scale.