Are Private Jets Chartered by Travelers with Reduced Mobility

Are Private Jets Chartered by Travelers with Reduced Mobility

Private jet passengers with reduced mobility represent a growing population of travelers discovering the built-in conveniences of private jets for travel.

We speak frequently with reduced mobility travelers interested in switching from commercial airlines to flying private but have questions about logistics. Here are a few considerations for traveling with a wheelchair:

Are there advantages for an individual with reduced mobility to fly private instead of commercial?

Yes. Travelers who require a wheelchair can find commercial travel challenging due to long security lines, crowded airport seating, and unreliable support from the airline at the gate for transportation through the terminal to a connecting flight.
The private jet industry is deeply rooted in highly personalized customer service and efficiency. A dedicated charter coordinator will help guide you through the process and answer your questions to make your entire trip a pleasant experience, from booking, check-in, and boarding to getting you where you need to be with efficient ground transportation.

Should I notify my charter coordinator ahead of time to make disability-related accommodations?

You are not required to provide advanced notice for disability-related accommodations, especially if it is an on-demand private charter flight. Your charter coordinator can help arrange for the following:

  • A wheelchair or other guided assistance to board, deplane, or other arrangements during your flight;
  • A seating accommodation that meets your disability-related needs and/or the loading and stowing of any assistive device;
  • Seamless ground transportation to/from the airport.

Can I bring my wheelchair?

Yes. If you decide to bring your wheelchair, it should be the type that can be folded and stowed safely during flight. Most private jets cannot accommodate a motorized wheelchair; however, after determining its battery type, your charter coordinator will help you determine if your electric wheelchair can be taken on the flight in the cargo hold.

What if I cannot use the airplane stairs?

If you are unable to climb the stairs of an aircraft, there are a few options, including the Scalamobil Fly Aviation Stair Climber. This is a specialized wheelchair with a high-performance electric motor that carries out the climbing task on each step with an assistant. Another option is selecting the Bombardier Challenger 601, a Heavy jet specially equipped to lift your wheelchair into the plane.

What if my private jet is not wheelchair accessible? Is there another option?

Yes. Another option is to use an ambulift. These special-purpose hydraulic vehicles have multiple uses, including catering aircraft. The technology has also been adapted to lift passengers in their wheelchairs who cannot climb stairs directly to the aircraft door.

Are ambulifts available at all airports?

No. Although ambulifts are common at major airports, smaller regional airports may not have one available. Your charter coordinator will work with you to determine your trip’s most efficient and stress-free logistics.

Is there an additional cost for the ambulift for travel outside the U.S.?

Yes. The cost can vary, depending on the country you are flying to and from. In the United States and most Western countries, there are rarely extra charges to accommodate disabled passengers. If you plan to travel outside the U.S., your charter coordinator will work with the provider to determine the cost.

Can I sit in a seat on the private jet?

Yes. It is a safety requirement that all passengers be seated in an aircraft seat with a fastened seatbelt during takeoff and landing. As safety is of primary importance, your wheelchair should be folded up and stowed properly during the flight. Exceptions to this are passengers being transported in an adapted medevac aircraft secured in a stretcher or a specially adapted wheelchair for use on a large, converted aircraft.

Can I stay seated in my wheelchair during the flight?

For safety reasons, all passengers must be seated in an aircraft seat with a seatbelt fastened for takeoff and landing. If you are concerned about comfort, seats in private jets are usually oversized and designed with ultra-soft cushioning, reclining capabilities, and increased legroom. You will also be able to control the air temperature, lighting, and entertainment features from your seat.
In conclusion, no matter where your travel plans take you, our professional on-demand private charter coordinators will help you select the most appropriate private jet to suit your travel requirements, including seamless transportation to and from the airport.

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