Charter a Private Jet for Your Wedding or Honeymoon

Everyone wants to feel like a star on their wedding or feel themselves like in a fairy tail. Mercury Jets can help you with all the arrangements and make this day even more exciting, whether it`s a proposal, a hen getaway or the wedding itself.

Can you imagine how great could it be to make a proposal in mid-flight? Or take a small flight and then upon landing she sees a “Will you marry me?”, shaped on a field? We can help you arrange all your ideas and make all your dreams come true.

Chartering a private jet for the Hen or Stag parties might be also a very good idea, because you usually travel with a big group of people and you can avoid all the long TSA lines and checks, and spend more time on having fun with friends.

Another great thing about chartering a private jet for your wedding, is that you can fly all you guests in the same plane, so that they are in time for your special day. For example, if you have many guests living in Europe and your wedding is taking place somewhere in the Caribbean, it`s a very convenient way  to gather them all in one plane and fly to the destination. On some private jets, the cost per person might be very close to the price of a commercial airline seat, but they won`t have any hassles or delays.

You may also want to infuse some VIP style to your wedding by flying away to your honeymoon on a private jet, which will allow to celebrate in privacy and peace, and avoid being stuck at a commercial airport. Some private jets also have a private bedroom and bathroom, you can listen to your own music, drink your favorite wine or champagne, and have a specific dining menu.