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When chartering private jet aircraft for regional air travel,  it is sometimes a toss-up between wether to charter a turbo prop or a to charter a light jet depending on several factors.  While a light jet can travel faster, covering a greater distance in a shorter time, it also takes longer to climb up to and descend from the desired cruising altitude and requires a longer runway than a turbo prop. For the most part, a private jet is esthetically more desirable in terms of luxury and more of a status symbol, so the social aspect may be a consideration over a turbo prop when deciding between them for a particular private air charter. Comfort is another matter to compare in a private air charter. A private jet is usually quieter due to greater sound insulation, and a private jet is often equipped with more amenities than a turbo prop.

Although the turbo prop might take slightly longer to reach your air charter destination the turbo prop has its advantages. For one thing, the turbo prop requires less runway to take off and land and thus can get in and out of smaller private airports allowing for greater access to more remote private charter destinations than a light jet. Another advantage of the turbo prop for private air charter is cost. A light jet charter costs more than chartering a turbo prop for regional air travel, and may or may not be cost justified on a case by case basis. All factors need to be considered in the decision in private jet rental wether to charter a light private jet versus chartering a turbo prop for regional air charter. Private air charter travelers should take into account speed vs distance, comparative cost, level of luxury and amenities as well as airport accessibility when deciding wether to charter a turbo prop or a light jet.

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