Defining the Role of Corporate Air Charter

Defining the Role of Corporate Air Charter

‘Corporate air charter’ is the term which refers to hiring of an aircraft by a corporate organization or a business man. The start of corporate charter flights started with the air charter corporations coming into agreement to offer devoted charter flights for business executives, entertainers, rich travelers and more.

It must be noted that renting of seat in any aircraft is different from that of hiring an aircraft by a corporate executive. As renting of seats in an aircraft has been a norm all throughout these years, so it must be known where the difference lies.

The legacy airlines and the business airlines generally specialize in terms of offering a personalized air traveling experience. The corporate air charter agencies especially focus on the small business or corporate groups for the specialized schedules.

Corporate air charter is chiefly a part of the General Aviation. It is generally governed by part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations in the United States. On the other hand, their commercial counterparts are governed by certain stringent standards of Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. These regulations are designed for the planned air carriers

The major advantage of business or corporate air charter is that it is time-sensitive and offers a range of services in the form of urgent cargo, flight or air ambulance. This may also include other types of air transportation. All over the United States, corporate or business air charter services are even referred to as executive charter jet services, air taxi services and the jet charter services.

It is usually believed that more than 70 percent of the entire corporate air charter across the world is based within the United States. That’s what makes the United States as one of the biggest market for the private air charter or the corporate air charter services.

Currently, there are several air charter corporations functioning across the country. Almost all of these companies offer executive charter helicopter and jets including diverse ranges and capacities. You have the option to book a business air charter operator for any season. Even you can lease corporate air charter for few years. Otherwise, you can hire for days as per your own needs and requirements.