Emergency Flights

emergency flights

Emergency and Evacuation Flights

Natural Disaster Charter

In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster and under war-torn circumstances, there is often the need to use private air charter to evacuate hundreds of employees and refugees from around the world.  We will coordinate the movement of your employees from one, or several locations around the world and ensure their safe return.  If you are a private corporation or a government agency, we have the expertise to react quickly and provide you with innovative solutions on-demand.

Being a major player in the industry, we have actively participated in recent events. Our team has conducted airlifts of doctors and supplies to Haiti, assisted in the transportation of troops and equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our past experience and current knowledge of the industry allows us to stay steps ahead of the competition.

Air Ambulance Charter

When an emergency strikes in areas with poorly equipped or nonexistent medical facilities, Air Ambulance is the fastest way to safety. When moments count to the second you need to call an experienced professional. Mercury jets is prepared to respond on a moment’s notice, 24/7/365.

emergency flights