FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar by Private Jet

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar by Private Jet

Fly to the biggest sporting event of the year, with Mercury Jets via private jet World Cup Qatar 2022. Take a round journey from your home to Doha to support your team and be part of the grand event. A private jet charter to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar allows you to avoid the chaos of crowded airports and waste no time in commercial terminals.

Our team will provide expert support throughout your flight and assist with booking services such as airport transfers and more on your private flight to FIFA World Cup 2022.

When Does the FIFA World Cup 2022 Take Place?

From November 20 to December 18, 32 national soccer teams will compete in the World Cup, which will be held for the first time in winter and the first time in the Middle East.

On November 20, the opening match of the 22nd FIFA World Cup will take place. The tournament will be attended by 32 national teams, divided into eight groups of four teams each. In the playoffs will go to the top two teams from each quartet.

Charter Jet Airports for the FIFA World Cup 2022

The stadiums in Qatar are so close to each other, including five stadiums in Doha or close to the center. Doha is a real jewel of the Persian Gulf and one of the most exciting places in the Arab world. The shortest distance from Doha city center to the stadium is 4 miles, and the longest is 28 miles, allowing you to book a private jet to the Qatar FIFA World Cup from anywhere in the world and get to the game quickly.

  • Hamad International Airport (DOH) is the main airport in Doha and is located just 9 miles southeast of the center.
  • Doha International Airport (DIA) is 3 miles from downtown Doha.
  • Al Khor Airport (OTBK) is about 24 miles from Doha, south of Al Khor in Qatar.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly on a Private Jet to World Cup 2022?

The price of a private jet flight to World Cup 2022 is calculated individually, based on several parameters. Among the most important are the distance flew and the hourly rate of the selected World Cup 2022 in Qatar jet.

Given the distance to Doha for World Cup 2022 in Qatar, a mid-size or super-midsize jet is likely your best choice. The price for a private charter flight World Cup 2022 on a mid-size jet is from $2,800 to $3,800 per hour. Popular models are Citation Excel, Gulfstream G100, Hawker 800XP, and Learjet 60. For a super-midsize jet charter, you will pay from $3,200 to $6,000 per flight hour. Popular models are the Hawker 1000, Falcon 2000LXS, and Citation Sovereign+.

Heavy jets are suitable if you fly privately to the FIFA World Cup 2022 from other countries as part of a large group. Heavy-category aircrafts are ideal for transcontinental charter flights. They have a large cabin capacity, maintain high altitudes, provide high speed and offer the ultimate luxury. Chartering a heavy jet ranges from about $4,500 per hour to $7,000. The most popular heavy private jets are the Challenger 604/605, Embraer Legacy 500/650, and Falcon 7X/900.

The VIP Airliner was designed for air charter distances up to 7,500 miles with 40 passengers on board. The typical VIP aircraft has a luxurious interior, can maintain high altitude, and provide high speed and maximum luxury. Chartering a VIP private jet to World Cup 2022 is about $5,200 per hour and more. The most popular types of private VIP aircraft are the Airbus Corporate Jet, A318 Elite, Boeing Business Jet, and Embraer Lineage.

Consider that you can always share your flight with family, friends, or other soccer fans by choosing a group flight on a private jet to World Cup 2022. Our team is available to provide you with a private flight offer tailored to your budget that will meet your needs.

Group Charter Flight to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

If you are traveling with a group of fans or soccer enthusiasts and want to travel to the FIFA World Cup in comfort and luxury, our private jet charter services will meet your needs. You can be assured that group flight World Cup Qatar 2022 arrangements will be booked for a date and time that suits you. In the case of preparing to travel on a complicated route, a group charter is sometimes more beneficial than a standard flight. The class and type of aircraft are chosen individually, and passenger services can be arranged on board.

Book your Private Jet for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Take advantage of watching your favorite team’s competition against other countries at the World Cup with Mercury Jets. A private jet charter for World Cup in Qatar can provide stress-free, direct flights to FIFA World Cup 2022. By taking advantage of the benefits of private aviation, you can have a cost-effective and straightforward type of travel.

Chartering a private aircraft to the World Cup in Qatar is the best way to fly to this prestigious event. Our aviation specialists have unrivaled knowledge and can arrange a private jet charter flight to the FIFA World Cup 2022 on your terms and conditions.


Why Mercury Jets for a private charter flight to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

Mercury Jets can meet any World Cup 2022 private jet travel request, from heavy private jets for large groups of travelers and soccer teams to light private jets suitable for small groups of individuals. Regardless of the number of passengers or type of charter flight, a private jet charter World Cup ensures that you will arrive at your destination on time.

What popular services are available on a private jet flight to World Cup 2022?

No matter why you need to arrange an efficient private jet flight, we are ready to provide customized booking solutions. You can choose exactly when you want to fly and with whom. Another significant advantage is that you can tailor your private flight 2022 FIFA World Cup to your needs, select your meal menu, choose the airport for boarding, or the number of stops.

What documents do I need for the jet charter to FIFA 2022 in Qatar?

All passengers need a valid passport or ID card to travel on a charter flight for FIFA 2022. Depending on the legal regulations of the particular country, additional entry documents may be required. Our specialists will clarify all necessary documents when sending a commercial proposal.