How Much Does A Private Jet Charter Cost?

How Much Does A Private Jet Charter Cost?

Chartering a private jet on the most popular domestic routes might be less expensive than you think. Some say that chartering a private plane, in a sense, is like chartering a comfortable time machine. Private jets afford those who fly in them with an opportunity to work more productively, relax more comfortably, and seize opportunities simply not possible with commercial jetliner service.

Mercury Jets matches clients with the right aircraft to maximize the value of their privately chartered flights. Below, we’ve included a few of our most popular private charter routes, a private jet matched with the route, and a few reasons why our clients find these cities so irresistible.

Visit Miami

With its famous turquoise beaches and diverse cultural heritage, Miami is at the top of the list for private charter clients visiting South Florida. South Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Florida. Visitors stroll along Ocean Drive to take in the historic Art Deco buildings, live music, and some of the best dining South Florida has to offer.

Private Jet Charter Cost Visit MiamiFamilies visiting Miami also enjoy an excursion to the outdoor Bayside Marketplace for a unique experience to shop, dine, and even take a sunset cruise. Other popular destinations include Miami Seaquarium, the Cape Florida Light, a lighthouse located in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and Zoo Miami. Devoted sports enthusiasts travel to South Florida year-round to cheer on the Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, and the Miami Dolphins.

Learjet 75 interior private jet charterOriginating City: Nassau

Aircraft: Learjet 45

Seating: Up to 9

Estimated Cost: $6,500

A private charter route from Nassau to Miami in a Bombardier Learjet 45 is a popular option. The capital of The Bahamas, Nassau is a favorite island for tourists, located approximately 184 miles to the coast of Southern Florida. With a top cruising speed of 533 miles per hour, the mid size Learjet 45 represents innovative design and speed well known among the family of Learjets. The Learjet 45 fuselage is designed to provide passengers with ample head and shoulder room.

learjet 60XR interior private jet charter

Originating City: New York

Aircraft: Lear 60XR

Seating: Up to 6

Estimated cost: $16,500



For a private charter route from the Big Apple to the sun-soaked beaches of Miami, a Lear 60XR is a popular choice. Following the Learjet 55, the Learjet 60XR’s mid-sized cabin is spacious enough for a large group. Its versatile cabin can be made into five configurations, offering the ultimate flexibility for business passengers. The jet’s performance can stand up to competitors in its class with a climb rate of more 6,000 feet per minute to reach its 51,000 feet flight ceiling.

Challenger 350 interior 1 private jet charterOriginating City: Los Angeles

Aircraft: Challenger 300

Seating: Up to 8

Estimated cost: $26,000




A private charter route from Los Angeles to Miami is a popular option. Bombardier’s Challenger 300 is an efficient mid-sized choice for this transcontinental charter flight. The Challenger 300 has a cruising speed of 528 mph and a cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. With this transcontinental performance, this jet will not disappoint. In the comfort of a spacious cabin, passengers can get their work done and enjoy a wide range of entertainment options.

Let’s recap popular private charter routes to Miami:

Route Aircraft Estimated Pricing
Nassau – Miami Lear 45 $6,500
New York – Miami Lear 60XR $16,500
Los Angeles – Miami Challenger 300 $26,000

Visit New York City

Perhaps the most iconic city in the U.S., New York City is at the top when it comes to the number of famous landmarks. If you want to get around the City to take it all in, put your walking shoes on. The average New Yorker walks at least half the length of Manhattan’s 13 miles every day.

Private Jet Charter Cost Visit New York CityFrom the financial district in Lower Manhattan, the dazzling lights of Time Square in Midtown to the Natural History Museum on the Upper West Side, the city is electrified with the sights and sounds of life in motion. If you prefer a slower pace, consider taking a stroll in Central Park in the center of Manhattan. Sports enthusiasts charter private flights to New York year-round to watch games of their favorite teams including the New York Yankees or Mets, New York Rangers, the Knicks, or the New York Jets.

Hawker 400xp interior private jet charterOriginating City: Boston

Aircraft: Hawker 400XP

Seating: Up to 8

Estimated cost: $8,000


A private charter route from Boston to New York is a popular option. A Light Jet, the Hawker 400XP, is well-equipped to make the 190-mile charter flight from Boston to New York. The Hawker 400XP was initially designed and built by Mitsubishi, then re-developed by the Beech Aircraft Company, now part of Hawker Beechcraft. Charter passengers are delighted with the spaciousness and comfort of the Hawker 400XP’s cabin.

citation x plus interior private jet charterOriginating City: Las Vegas

Aircraft: Citation X

Seating: Up to 8

Estimated cost: $28,500


The Cessna Citation X is a popular mid size jet for a private charter flight from Las Vegas to New York. The Citation X was designed to leave the competitors behind completely. Well known for its speed and streamlined design, this powerful jet can cruise effortlessly at nearly the speed of sound at .90 Mach, while maintaining impressive fuel efficiency. With the most spacious cabin in the Citation series, up to eight passengers enjoy executive seats with full reclining capacity, a fully equipped galley, and plenty of storage space.

Hawker 400xp interior private jet charterOriginating City: Atlanta

Aircraft: Hawker 400XP

Seating: Up to 8

Estimated cost: $14,500


Traveling just over 1,000 miles from Atlanta to New York, we recommend the Hawker 400XP as a competitive option for this private charter route. The Hawker 400XP can cruise at 450 knots up to 45,000 feet altitude, providing passengers with a smooth ride to the Big Apple.

Pilatus PC-12NG interior private jet charterOriginating Island: Martha’s Vineyard

Aircraft: Pilatus PC12

Seating: Up to 9

Estimated cost: $5,000

The versatile Pilatus PC12 makes an efficient choice for the 173-mile private charter route from Martha’s Vineyard to New York. The Pilatus PC12’s flexible cabin design can be configured to seat six in executive style seating or up to nine in a commuter configuration. This popular turboprop features a five-blade propeller designed to reduce noise in the cabin, and it provides improved take-off performance, ensuring flights are comfortable.

Let’s recap popular private charter routes to New York:

Route Aircraft Estimated Pricing
Boston – New York Hawker 400XP $8,000
Las Vegas – New York Citation X $28,000
Atlanta – New York Hawker 400XP $14,000
Martha’s Vineyard – New York Pilatus PC12 $5,000

Visit Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located at the heart of the entertainment industry. Private jet charter flight passengers include business executives, entertainers, and families who either call the city home or a favorite spot to enjoy sunny Southern California and vacation.

Private Jet Charter Cost Visit Los AngelesThe mild climate and geography of Los Angeles are ideally suited for adventurous visitors who want to explore the city, ocean, mountains and even the desert all in one trip.

citation cj4 interior private jet charterOriginating City: Dallas

Aircraft: Citation CJ2

Seating: Up to 6

Estimated cost: $19,200



The fuel-efficient Cessna Citation CJ2 is a popular choice for this private charter route from Dallas to Los Angeles. At a maximum ceiling height of 45,000 feet, this mid sized jet has a long-range cruise speed of 352 knots. With a range of 1,700 miles, this mid sized jet is well-equipped to make the 1,436-mile flight from Dallas.

Aircraft Citation CJ2 private jet charterOriginating City: Las Vegas

Aircraft: Citation CJ2

Seating: Up to 6

Estimated cost: $6,500



For this short route, we also recommend Cessna’s CJ2. Because Citation jets were designed for business executives who flew their own jets to meetings, Citation CJ2 has a lot more range and speed than competitors in its class, keeping in step with the Citation mantra, “economy, simplicity and performance.”

Let’s recap popular private charter routes to Los Angeles:


Route Aircraft Estimated Pricing
Dallas – Los Angeles Citation CJ2 $19,200
Las Vegas – Los Angeles Citation CJ2 $6,500

Visiting Atlanta

Georgia’s capital city is a favorite destination for private charter flights originating from Los Angeles. Atlanta’s smaller airports are popular with business jet travelers who prefer to avoid the congestion at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. An important hub for business on the U.S. East Coast, Atlanta is home to Fortune 500 companies including The Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines.

Private Jet Charter Cost Visiting AtlantaAtlanta is also a family destination with popular tourist attractions that include the Georgia Aquarium, Inside CNN Studio Tour, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta and Zoo Atlanta. Our clients who travel to attend and cheer on their favorite teams year-round enjoy the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks.

Hawker 850XP Jet private jet charterOriginating City: Los Angeles

Aircraft: Hawker 800XP

Seating: Up to 10

Estimated cost: $27,500



The impressive range of the Hawker 800XP is approximately 2,900 miles, more than sufficient for a non-stop transcontinental private charter route from Los Angeles to Atlanta. With a versatile cabin design, there are plenty of seating configurations to ensure the time you spend in flight with your group in flightis highly productive. The Hawker 800XP was designed for transcontinental flights but also with the capability to fly shorter flights efficiently. On the popular route from Los Angeles to Atlanta, the jet can reach its cruising altitude at 39,000 feet in just 20 minute sand flies comfortably at 440 knots.

Let’s recap this popular private charter route to Atlanta:

Route Aircraft Estimated Pricing
Los Angeles – Atlanta Hawker 800XP $27,500

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Estimated Pricing for Popular Private Charter Routes

Nassau – Miami Lear 45 $6,500
Boston – New York Hawker 400XP $8,000
New York – Miami Lear 60XR $16,500
Las Vegas – NYC Citation X $28,500
LA – Miami Challenger 300 $26,000
Dallas – LA Citation CJ2 $19,200
Las Vegas – LA Citation CJ2 $6,500
Martha’s Vineyard – NYC Pilatus PC12 $5,000
Atlanta – New York Hawker 400XP $14,500
LA – Atlanta Hawker 800XP $27,500

How Much Does A Private Jet Cost?

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