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During hurricane season, Mercury Jets is available 24/7 for response and on-demand evacuation flights to provide high security and comfort for endangered persons.

Trust Mercury Jets for fast and secure last-minute evacuations during hurricane season. Our experienced team and access to an extensive fleet help ensure that you and your family are safely delivered. Mercury Jets stands ready for whatever may happen.

All safety features will be equipped for your complete care. You can request a tailor-made evacuation flight quote based on your requirements by filling in the request form or contacting our agents 24/7 at  +1-212-840-8000.

What Is a Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season is the part of the year most conducive to the development of Atlantic hurricanes, running from June to November. Ocean temperatures during this period are very warm, while atmospheric conditions favor the establishment of very strong tropical storms and hurricanes. Such storms drop heavy volume rainfalls, strong winds, and dangerous storm surges that can threaten areas both along the coast and inland.

Peak hurricane season usually occurs from the end of August to September. During this period of time, one needs to be on high alert and prepared so that lives will be saved and one can also avoid damage. Communities in the zones where hurricanes often pass have emergency plans and provisions for private jet charter evacuation routes in case threats arise.

Features of Mercury Jets' Hurricane Season Charter Services

Early Evacuation Planning

One has to formulate a proper evacuation plan during the hurricane season. The difference between a smooth evacuation and a frantic scramble could be due to early planning. This becomes more critical for families with small children, elderly members, or people challenged in mobility. Additional time and resources are needed to ensure safe evacuations for these groups, which means starting the planning quite a bit earlier. Experts advise leaving at least 48 hours prior to a major storm to avoid the last-minute rush and to be able to get the right services that you may require.

Things to Consider for Evacuation

When preparing for evacuation during the hurricane season, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Identify who bust be evacuated: Determine who you want to take with you in case of evacuation, such as family members, employees, elderly parents, and even your pets.
  • Choose an evacuation destination: Plan where to go. This might include a friend or relative’s home in another state, a hotel, a medical facility, or another designated safe area.
  • Have a plan B: Plan for alternative destinations, as the roads leading to the primary destination may be closed or blocked, or the primary destination itself may become unavailable due to storm conditions.

Be Prepared for Emergency Flights

Major storms can be quite destructive to aircraft operations and travel resources, so it’s important to be prepared before the storm’s landfall. This approach does not espouse the “wait and see” attitude characteristic of irresponsible people evacuating at the last minute. Mercury Jets’ private jet charter means efficient and reliable service to get clients out of the threatened area quickly and avoid the dangers and frustrations of flying commercially during this time.

Planning for Quick Evacuation

Quick evacuation preparations mainly involve a “Go Bag” for each traveler. It should contain clothes, essentials, prescription medications, travel documents, snack foods, and a cell phone charger. This will ensure instant movement without forgetting vital supplies during emergencies or necessities. In addition, it helps to know the best ways to get to the airport and has printed maps, which may prove very helpful in case of loss of service or when the GPS fails.

It is also one of planning, which includes the sharing of probable situations with the members of the group and setting proper expectations. Be sure everybody knows what the plan is and who is responsible for what during an evacuation. Mercury Jets can help you choose the appropriate aircraft.

Featured Aircraft

Turbo Prop

Turbo prop aircraft are most needed during hurricane evacuations because of their capabilities for short takeoffs and landings. That makes them quite ideal for fast access to places with low airport infrastructure.

Small Jets Air Ambulance

Light Jets

Light jets are instrumental in short- to medium-range evacuations. With fast response times and access to small airport facilities, this aircraft rapidly gets people out of the areas reached by a hurricane.
Medium and Large Jet

Medium and Heavy Jets

The long-range evacuations are solely reserved for medium and heavy jets. They can cover a long distance and move more people, hence critical in the movement of groups from high-risk zones to safety.

Private Jet Charter Costs During the Hurricane Season

The prices for corporate jet charters during hurricane season are as fickle as other pricing factors. Demand surges, aircraft availability, and the need to travel rapidly are some major pricing factors.

  1. High Demand: The demand for private jets drastically increases during hurricane season when it comes to evacuating away from the area during a hurricane or traveling safely due to the cancellation of commercial flights. What this commonly does is increase prices because of the basic economic principle of supply and demand.
  2. Urgency of Travel: The more urgent your travel needs, the greater your premium is likely to be. Normally, the more quickly you need to fly, the more you can expect to pay. This, obviously, is heightened during hurricanes when people are rushing to evacuate immediately.
  3. Flight Distance and Duration: The price is also affected by flight distance and duration. The farther and longer a flight travels, the more fuel it requires, together with increased crew hours in airtime, which all raise costs.
  4. Aircraft Type: The type of jet chartered significantly affects the pricing. The larger the jets, the more amenities they have, and the more expensive they are over the smaller, light jets.
  5. Additional Services: Extra services provided, such as ground transportation, in-flight catering, and special accommodations, may further reflect the overall cost.

Private jet charters are intrinsically at a dynamic price during hurricane season, as the demand, availability of the aircraft, urgency of travel, details of the flight, and other additional services all combine. Very often, the value paid by many passengers in search of flexibility, safety, and quickness during this period is reflected in the peace of mind derived, and security ensured.

How Private Jet Charters Ensure Safety During Hurricanes

  • Advanced Weather Monitoring: Mercury Jets leverages sophisticated weather monitoring so as to track hurricanes in real-time. This type of technology is used to ensure pilots and flight operations teams continue to be apprised of every storm path, change in intensity, and other possible hazards that could materialize into the picture when planning and making safe, informed decisions concerning a flight.
  • Flexible Flight Scheduling: Charter services offer flexibility in flight schedules due to varying weather conditions. The prompt adjustment in the departure and arrival times ensures safe-travel during the hurricane season without getting exposed to perilous weather.
  • Experienced Pilots: We make use of very experienced pilots, and for those pilots, they undergo massive training on how to handle bad weather. But that is just in case; pilots undergo rigorous training in case of emergencies and are trained in managing complex weather conditions to ensure maximum passenger safety.
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections: Private aircraft are also serviced regularly and undergo different pre-flight inspections to ensure they are in top condition. That also includes testing important systems and parts to verify that the plane is safe to undertake travel, especially in adverse weather conditions whereby there may be a crisis.
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning: Charter services have emergency evacuation plans for safe airports, coordination with local authorities, and quick evacuation in case of the threat of hurricanes in the travel area.
  • Safe and Fully Equipped Aircraft: Private jets are purposely designed to fly through bad weather with improved navigation and communication equipment. They are equipped with weather radar, satellite communication, and sophisticated avionics that enable the pilot to ensure the safety of flights during storms.

Hurricane Season Evacuation with Mercury Jets

Mercury Jets provides evacuation flights, enabling our clients to leave dangerous areas secludedly. We offer private aircraft, always on standby, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice as dictated by emergency and rapidly, safely move clients to their chosen destination. From our experienced flight crew to our dedicated support staff, we are trained for emergencies, and the passengers feel comfortable amidst all worries. Looking to book a private jet during the hurricane season? Give us a call or fill out our request tool.

Hurricane Season FAQ’s

Hurricane season typically runs from June 1st to November 30th in the Atlantic Ocean, with peak activity usually occurring from August to September.
Keep track of weather updates, have emergency kits ready, and know evacuation routes. Also, it will be good to plan how to arrange for airdrop evacuation if needed and living in high-risk areas.
There are turboprop aircraft, light jets, and medium to heavy jets that can very well assure prompt, effective evacuation if ground routes cannot be depended on.