Key Factors for Air Cargo Charter Cost

Among the primary considerations for air cargo charter costing are the origin and destination points also known as city pairs, the type of air cargo or commodity being shipped, its dimensions, weight, and when it needs to get there. These facts all enter into deciding wether to ship on a turbo prop or private jet, as does wether the cargo can be mingled with other cargo or not. If the air cargo shipper or recipient requires exclusive use of the private charter aircraft for whatever reason, then it cannot be co-mingled with other private air cargo regardless of if it is going aboard a private jet or a turbo prop.

To orient your air charter broker as to the priorities, it helps to suggest which is the driving force in the equation; i.e. cost versus schedule. Air charter operators also need to be aware of any hazards or security concerns when pricing private air charter cargo services. Some goods being shipped via private air cargo need to be accompanied by a courier or may be going to or from a bonded warehouse, both of which weigh in on the costing of private air charter cargo. If the air cargo is of high value and may have special insurance requirements, then the private air charter broker must also be aware of these details.   In order to get the best deal on air cargo in a private jet or a turbo prop, the buyer needs to consult a professional air charter broker.

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