One Way Pricing

One Way Pricing

Within the last 10 years, one-ways have exploded in popularity. A private charter one-way can be generally defined as a need by the client departing from location (A) and arriving to location (B) and the client not needing to return to location (A).

Originally, before the existence of one-ways, charter operators would quote full round trip pricing to their clients even if the client had no intention of returning back to the home base of the aircraft. This is because every aircraft has a home and essentially needs to return back to its originating location. Local charter operators and private jet providers lacked the ability to know demand for opposite routes in order to match clients up looking to travel in opposite directions. It really wasn’t until the charter brokerage model was developed when true one-way pricing was capable of being offered.

Most of the one-ways that typically exist, offer the most flexibility and economical routes are the coast to coast, the frequently travelled routes. All day every day private jet one-ways exists from NY-FL, NY-CA and vice versa and most places in between those routes. The more flexibility the client has in their departing dates, times and cities, the bigger window of opportunity exists with locating point to point pricing, sometimes being fifty cents on the dollar compared to full round trip pricing. There are companies that exist that offer prepaid 25hr cards and claim to offer “one-way” pricing on all trips.

Be careful because when you break down the cost to achieve your true hourly rate, you will sometimes find that you are paying double the hourly rate compared to standard private jet charter rates. So at the end of the day, you really are paying for full round trip pricing. A reputable charter broker will be able to offer you the best of what’s available for your travel dates.

Its best to firm up on one-ways within about a week prior to your anticipated departure. It’s at that time when most of the one-ways are known and the most cost effective options are present. One-ways are first come, first serve. You might not be the only person looking for a popular route so once you see something you like, it’s in your best interest to secure it or else risk losing it to someone else looking for the same or similar route.