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Charter to and from Pompano Beach Airport

Charter to or from Pompano Beach Airport

Pompano Beach Airpark is known as a public operational airport in the USA. It is situated about one mile northeast of the Pompano Beach district, in Broward County, Florida, USA. Pompano Beach Airpark is publicly owned by Pompano Beach. It embraces a territory of 935 acres. Pompano Beach Airpark is noted as the Goodyear Blimp home. The airport includes three asphalt paved runways.

Also Pompano Beach Airpark has an operational air traffic control tower that is controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Contract Tower Program. Most provided aircraft operation belongs to general aviation, and there are air taxi and military aviation as well. There are about 158 aircraft based on the field, including helicopters, single engine airplanes, multi engine airplanes, and jet airplanes. Apart from diverse aircraft options, the airports provides a number of great facilities.

Pompano Beach Airpark is found within a few minutes away from Pompano Beach Municipal Golf Course, and walking distance from the restaurant and beach that make the airport a perfect choice when flying in South Florida. Although a great number of the U.S. airports usually use three-letter abbreviation identifying airport location for the IATA and FAA, Pompano Beach Airpark is assigned PMP according to the Federal Aviation Administration and PPM according to the International Air Transport Association.

Pompano Beach Airport (PPM, KPMP) Private Jet Charter


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