Private Jet and Hunting

Private Jet and Hunting

Private Jet & Hunting

As the hunting and fishing season approaches the are more and more questions regarding what kinds of equipment and firearms can be taken aboard your private air charter.

The main benefit of a private jet charter for hunting and fishing destinations is the ability to get closer to the final destination faster, and you can carry weapons, fishing rods, and gear.

Fishing rods present the least problems, as charter aircraft usually have enough luggage capacity, but traveling with guns requires some planning.

Firstly, Customs and Immigration Officers may want to check your license on the day of the flight if you are traveling internationally. It is recommended that you have photocopies of your license on hand to reduce the inspection time and guarantee a timely departure.

If ammunition is allowed, each passenger is limited to 11 lbs only and it must be stored in a separate and non-accessible location on the aircraft. Many operators simply recommend not bringing any ammunition on board as this can also result in delayed departures due to possible inspection time.

Most pilots and nearly all Customs and Immigration Officers will want to inspect all firearms prior to taking off. Having a case relatively easy to open and close will reduce the time taken for this inspection.

Many passengers will often combine their private jet charter to the nearest airport with a helicopter transfer to get them directly to their required location.

Passengers can travel with sporting weapons on private jets and helicopters as long as all regulations are met. Scheduling your flight far enough in advance is the best way to ensure all parties are informed that guns will be on board. As long as the required steps are followed, and the relevant authorities are aware, there will be no delayed trips.

Private Jet and Hunting