Private Jet Charter Pittsburgh to New York

Private Jet Charter Pittsburgh to New York

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private air charters from Pittsburgh to New York.

New York’s roots began in the financial district in 1624. Today, Wall Street is home to some of the world’s major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange. New York is a hub of art, culture and history. From the Financial District, Midtown Manhattan to Uptown Manhattan, New York is a city in motion and one of the world’s top destinations for leisure travel.

Charter a private jet Pittsburgh to/from New York


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Popular attractions in New York include:

  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Battery Park
  • Broadway Theatre
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Central Park
  • Chinatown
  • Conservatory Garden
  • Ellis Island
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Greenwich Village Walking and Food Tasting Tour
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Empire State Building
  • Hallet Nature Sanctuary
  • Hayden Planetarium
  • National 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  • One World Observatory
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • The Met Cloisters
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • The National Museum of the American Indian
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • The Statue of Liberty & Museum
  • Time Square
  • Whitney Museum of American Art

What Airport Should I Use for My Private Charter from Pittsburgh to New York?

When booking your private air charter service from Pittsburgh, five airports serve the city of New York:Teterboro, New Jersey Airport (TEB) is 14 miles from Manhattan.

Westchester County Airport (HPN) is 37 miles from New York and three miles northeast of downtown White Plains.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is the primary international airport serving New York City.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is in New Jersey, 9 miles from Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is in the northern part of the New York City borough of Queens.

Airport Distances and Flight Times from Pittsburgh to New York

Private Jet from Pittsburgh (PIT) to New York 

Destination Airport Airport Code Distance (Nautical Miles) Miles Estimated Flight Time
Super Midsize Midsize Light
Teterboro, New Jersey Airport TEB 282 324 1 hr

10 min

1 hr 1 hr
Westchester County Airport HPN 298 344 1 hr

13 min

1 hr

3 min

1 hr

3 min

John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK 294 339 1 hr

12 min

1 hr

2 min

1 hr

2 min

Newark Liberty International Airport EWR 277 318 1 hr

9 min

59 min 59 min
LaGuardia Airport LGA 290 334 1 hr

12 min

1 hr

1 min

1 hr

1 min

Distances and flight times shown in the charts above should be considered as estimates only. One (1) nautical mile is equal to 1.1508 statute miles.

What Type of Aircraft Should I Use for My Private Charter Flight from Pittsburgh to New York?

From Pittsburgh to New York, flights typically operate using super-midsize, midsize, or light aircraft types:Super Midsize jet options for private charters from Pittsburgh to New York include the Hawker 1000, Falcon 50EX and the Cessna Citation X+.

Manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft, the Hawker 1000 is an ideal jet for this route with seating for up to 9 passengers. The Hawker 1000 is selected by charter clients because of its quiet, comfortable cabin and coast-to-coast range.

The Falcon 50EX is a 9-passenger jet designed for in-flight business. The cabin is typically configured with four Captain’s chairs in a club seating arrangement and two Captain’s chairs in a separate area with a three-seat divan.

Cessna’s Citation X+ is known for its speed, but it also has a fast climb rate and can reach an altitude of 47,000 feet in just 24 minutes. This jet is also known for its spacious standup cabin and technologically advanced flight deck.

Super Midsize jets include a full galley, catering and flight attendant service.

Midsize jetoptions include the Gulfstream G280, Cessna Citation Sovereign+ and the Learjet 60XR. Midsize jets typically seat up to 9 passengers.

The Gulfstream G280’s elegant cabin design is illuminated by 19 large windows, providing plenty of natural light to enhance the cabin interior. The jet also features 100 percent fresh air circulation and a lower cabin pressure, so passengers remain refreshed and ready to spend time in New York.

A versatile aircraft, the Cessna Citation Sovereign+ can accommodate up to 12 passengers. The Sovereign+ is fast with a maximum speed of Mach 0.80. The jet’s double-club seating is also a popular configuration for in-flight business meetings.

The Learjet 60XR cabin is configured with a four-seat club and two additional forward-facing seats, ideal for in-flight business or relaxation. Living up to its iconic name, the jet can climb 4,500 feet per minute to reach an altitude of 41,000 feet in less than 20 minutes.

Midsize jets typically include a full galley, catering, and flight attendant service.

Light jets offer a cost-effective charter option from Pittsburgh to New York. Popular light jet choices include the Cessna CJ4, Phenom 100E, and the Learjet 75.

The Citation CJ4 represents economy in the Light class. The CJ4 cabin is divided into one and a half zones to maximize privacy and comfort. The jet can also accommodate up to six passengers in deep-cushioned, oversized leather seats that can be fully reclined.

Embraer’s Phenom 100E is a business jet built for efficiency. The 100E can accommodate up to six passengers and feels roomy with Embraer’s signature design. The 100E has a range of 1,200 nautical miles and is one of the fastest jets in its category with a maximum speed of Mach 0.70.

The Learjet 75 is configured for speed, utility, and comfort. The jet can fly at Mach 0.80 with a range of more than 2,040 miles. The Learjet 75’s technologically advanced cabin includes a cabin management system, high-definition bulkhead monitor, integrated sidewall speakers, and a touch-screen monitor at each seat.

Light jets typically include digital entertainment, a galley, and Wi-Fi for in-flight entertainment.

In conclusion, New York City is one of the world’s most popular private jet charter destinations for business and leisure travel. A professional charter coordinator will ensure your private charter to New York is flawless, from a spacious cabin with comfortable seating, catering service, and digital entertainment options.