Private Jet Charter Seattle to Vancouver

Private Jet Charter Seattle to Vancouver

Mercury Jets provides on-demand private jet charters from Seattle to Vancouver.

This private jet charter route is popular with business and leisure travelers. Vancouver is consistently named as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life. An ideal destination for ecotourism, Vancouver is situated in a temperate rainforest biome on the Pacific Ocean. The city’s scenic mountains, coastline, and rainforests offer endless opportunities for adventure.

Popular Attractions in Vancouver:

  • China Town;
  • English Bay;
  • Gas Town;
  • Kayaking;
  • Museum of Anthropology;
  • Sea to Sky Gondola;
  • Skiing;
  • Stanley Park;
  • Sunshine Coast;
  • Stanley Park;
  • The Vancouver Aquarium;
  • Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.

When booking your private air charter service from Seattle, three airports serve the Vancouver area:

Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) is an international airport 8 miles (14 km) south of downtown Vancouver. The airport is considered among the best airports in Canada.

Abbotsford Airport (CYXX) is 42 miles (68 km) from Vancouver.

Nanaimo Airport (CYCD) is a regional airport located 59 miles (95 km) from Vancouver.

Airport Distances and Flight Times from Seattle to Vancouver

Private Jet from Seattle (SEA) to Vancouver

Destination Airport Airport Code Distance (Nautical Miles) Miles Km Aircraft Type
Midsize Light Turboprop
Vancouver International Airport CYVR 110 127 204 20 mins 20 mins 32


Abbotsford Airport CYXX 95 109 175 21 mins 21




Nanaimo Airport CYCD 115 132 212 21 mins 21 mins 32


Distances and flight times shown in the charts above should be considered as estimates only. One (1) nautical mile is equal to 1.1508 statute miles.

A private air charter service from Seattle and a private air charter service to Vancouver, flights typically operate using midsize, light, or turboprop aircraft:

Midsize jet options include options for private charters from Seattle to Vancouver include the Citation XLS+, Hawker 850XP, and the Learjet 60XR.

The efficient Cessna Citation XLS+ is an elegant jet featuring a spacious cabin with seating for up to 12 passengers. This jet is designed for optimal comfort during the flight to Vancouver.

The 8-passenger Hawker 850XP is a fuel-efficient option. The 850XP features a fast climb rate and features usually found in larger aircraft, including a standup cabin, touchscreen seat controls, and 50 cubic feet of internal baggage storage.

The powerful Learjet 60XR can accommodate up to 7 passengers. The 60XR has a fast climb rate of 6,000 feet per minute to reach a comfortable cruising altitude during the nonstop flight to Vancouver.

All midsize jets typically include a galley and Wi-Fi for in-flight entertainment.

Light jets offer a cost-effective charter option configured for speed and efficiency.

Popular light jet choices for this private flight to Vancouver include the Cessna CJ4, Citation Ultra, and the Learjet 75 Liberty.

Cessna’s Citation CJ4 amenities include streaming of pre-loaded audio and video, moving map displays, and access satellite radio. Cabin lighting, temperature, and window shades can also be controlled from passenger mobile devices.

Cessna Citation Ultra can accommodate eight passengers on a privately chartered flight from Seattle to Vancouver. Seating is typically configured in a double-club arrangement.

The Learjet 75 Liberty features an efficient design with winglets and powerful engines that use less fuel and provide a more comfortable passenger experience on the flight to Vancouver.

Light jets typically include digital entertainment, a galley, and Wi-Fi for in-flight entertainment.

A turboprop aircraft is an economical option for this short charter route from Seattle to Vancouver.

Beechcraft’s King Air 350i is among the most popular turboprop aircraft. The 350i can accommodate up to 11 passengers in a quiet cabin with built-in soundproofing and smart noise-cancellation technology.

The Pilatus PC-12NG cabin is outfitted for business in the air with four-seat club seats and two forward-facing chairs. Each seat is fully adjustable and includes fold-out tables and power outlets.

Cessna’s Grand Caravan EX was designed for economy and reliability for short charter flights. The Grand Caravan EX can accommodate up to 14 passengers with comfortable ergonomic seating.

How much does a private jet cost from Seattle to Vancouver?

The estimated cost of a private jet from Seattle to Vancouver (one-way) is as follows:

  • Light jet: starting at $8,250.
  • Midsize jet: starting at $9,350.
  • Super midsize jet: starting at $10,450.

In conclusion, private jet passengers flying from Seattle to Vancouver enjoy this charter route year-round in an efficient private jet configured for business or leisure with privacy zones and cabin entertainment. The city is renowned as a top destination in Canada for its outdoor activities with a focus on enjoyment of the natural environment.