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Being a major city on the east coast and a desired location for private jet charter Charlotte, NC provides for a haven of private charter operators. Having a several main airports with the capability to accommodate private jets and other forms of private charters the city features a healthy variety of aircraft operators, services providers and frequent private charter flyers. Majority of the destinations are city pairs on the east coast, such as private jet charters to New York or private charters to Miami. However, it is not unique to find a coast to coast charter on a mid size jet.

The city is located halfway between New York and Miami and accommodates both as possible air charter destinations. Located close to New York it is possible to charter a turboprop aircraft to the big apple. Additionally, although the majority of the travelers prefers to charter private jets to Miami it is a possibility to charter a turboprop as well. The coast of a light jet charter varies from $2300-$2800 per flight hour plus fees. The cost of a private jet charter from Charlotte, NC to Miami, FL varies around $8k to $14k.

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