Turbo prop charter

When chartering a private jet to the Caribbean islands, many people will often fly to Miami using commercial airlines and then rent a charter aircraft based in Miami to accommodate their island hopping needs. Turbo props make for excellent alternatives to jets for short leg trips. Not only that, turbo props don’t needs to fly at the same altitude as jets are required which makes for fantastic site seeing. For trips that take about an hour by jet, a turbo prop will often get there in the same time even though turbo props don’t fly as fast. That’s because jets have to reach altitude whereas the turbo prop can fly lower. Turbo props will often accommodate the same number of passengers as light jets, baggage capacity is also comparable. Turbo props range in price from $800/hr to $1500/hr depending on the size and newness of the aircraft. Turbo props aren’t just the preferred aircraft to the islands but also intrastate travel. If you have several passengers, driving is too far and commercial doesn’t accommodate your destination very well, it may be cost effective for you to consider turbo props which can depart any time you wish. Commercial aviation has access to around 500 airports in the US whereas Private Aviation utilizes closer to 5000. This makes getting to your destination much easier, especially when time is money. Great routes to use turbo props would be Miami-Orlando, Miami-Tallahassee, Miami to Jacksonville. Florida is not the only state where turbo props are plentiful. You can find turbo props in and around almost every major city in the country.

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