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The Transportation Security Administration has put X-ray and radio wave booths across the nation and around the world.  These booths will look underneath clothing and are used to prevent terrorists with explosives from boarding commercial flights.  The public has taken this news with much skepticism, making November 24, one of the busiest travel days of the year, “National Opt Out Day.”

When traveling this season, you will have 3 options.  You can endure the virtual strip search with X-ray booths, submit yourself to a manual pat down, or pay a hefty $11,000 fine for refusing.  The TSA states that the new security measures are safe and will make commercial flights safer. TSA currently has 385 scanners in 68 different airports.

Private charter has never looked so attractive.  For those who want to avoid the embarrassment of virtual strip search, and long delays at the airport are now considering crossing over to private charter as an alternative this holiday season.

Charter your own private jet to avoid the unnecessary lines on the busiest travel day of the year.

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