What to look for when chartering a Private Jet?

What to look for when chartering a Private Jet

The main task that a charterer faces is locating the correct charter aircraft in a suitable location. Step 1 is to identify the needs of the trip and select the correct aircraft.

For example, chartering a mid-size jet for a 300-mile trip of two people usually makes no sense. Unless the private traveler has a specific preference for a type of aircraft – this is too much of a plane for the task.

A typical turboprop aircraft or a light jet, for example, will do just fine. On the other hand, some trips require a certain type of private jet. For example, a coast-to-coast air charter will need a mid-size jet or larger type of aircraft. Chartering a light jet, will require 2 or sometimes more fuel stops. This will make the whole practice of flying private useless.

The traveler needs to know and understand that private jets, like any other machine were built to serve a certain purpose of the private air charter industry. These private jets were built to serve a certain need, very specific. For example, air charter of 7 people for 2,000 miles. Sure, utilizing this aircraft for a 300-miles charter is definitely possible but it will prevent the private jet traveler from experiencing the purpose of the aircraft and carry additional costs.

The same works the other way. Using this specific private jet for a trans-Atlantic private charter will require two fuel stops, additional routes and will probably take more time than flying commercial.

A private jet is an ultimate method for charter. However, it needs to be used correctly.