Who Flies by Private Jet?

Among today`s private jet travelers there are not only celebrities and wealthy people, who like to spend money and fly on big luxury jets, but mostly these customers are families, groups of people and businessmen who want to have a great time and a better travel experience.

According to Mercury Jets booking and flight search data, 70% of our passengers are men in the age of 40-50 years. He books his jet one or two weeks before his flight, having 3-4 more passengers with him. Usually these are corporate same day, multi-leg trips. 

The most popular routes in Europe that we get inquiries are:

  1. Milan – Rome

    The most popular route in business aviation.

  2. Paris – Geneva

    Flights from Paris to Geneva are very popular for leisure, business and skiing.

  3. Nice – Geneva

    During summer time this route is extremely popular.

  4. Paris – Nice

    The domestic flight between the capital and Nice is popular both ways all-year-round.

  5. Moscow – Nice

    Direction Vnukovo Airport, Moscow to the French Riviera is one of the busiest, especially in summer.

  6. Milan – Paris

    Flights from Milan to Paris are very popular both for business and for leisure travel.

  7. Paris – London

    This route is mostly enquired for business purposes.

Number one route in USA is New York to Florida. This is the busiest route in business and leisure aviation. Another very popular destination is Eleuthera, Bahamas and the most enquired route is Miami to the Bahamas. Among the travelers there are mostly families and groups of friends who want to pay extra for their fun, great experience and comfort. The most frequently flown aircraft from Miami to Bahamas is the King Air 250. It`s a twin engine turboprop aircraft, which can seat up to 10 passengers. The average price for a one-way flight Miami to Bahamas on a King Air 250 is around $6200.

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a businessman going toward private jet