Where is Mercury Jets located?

Mercury Jets’ offices are located at 244 5th Ave Suite D-273, New York, NY 10001

How can I reach a charter coordinator?

To reach a Mercury Jets private charter coordinator, call (212) 840-8000.

What are Mercury Jets´ business hours?

Mercury Jets is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What does Mercury Jets’ specialize in?

Mercury Jets specializes in on-demand private air charters.

How is on-demand private jet charter service different than other passengers?

Mercury Jets offers on-demand private jet charters. Passengers can access private jets several ways, including on-demand private charters which does not require a significant financial commitment. Other ways to access private jets includes full ownership, fractional ownership and jet cards.

Which airports can I fly through in a private jet? Because private jets can access smaller airports with shorter runways, private charter clients have access to hundreds of small regional airports.

Why do private jets have an advantage over commercial jets? Private jets are fast and can save time on the ground and in the air. There are fewer baggage restrictions, charter clients can fly with their friends, family or business colleagues and can utilize smaller regional airports.

How far in advance do I need to set up a private charter?

Private jets can be booked with as little as four hours’ notice.

Where can I fly to in a private jet?

Passengers can fly to any destination in the world, as long as the runway is a minimum of 5,000 feet long.

How many people can I invite to travel with me in a private jet?

Passenger capacity is based on the aircraft configuration. In general, Heavy jets have the largest passenger capacity, up to 19 passengers, but it depends on how the aircraft is configured. For example, some Heavy jets are configured for eight passengers, but they can be reconfigured to seat as many as 19 passengers.

Do all private jets have two pilots?

No. Some private jets only require one pilot.

Do all private jets have flight attendants and a full galley?

Heavy jets, Super Midsize jets and Midsize jets typically include flight attendants and full galleys. Lights jets are smaller and generally operate shorter routes and typically do not have flight attendant service.

What kind of food is served aboard privately chartered flights?

Charter clients can order anything they desire to eat or drink during their flight. The most typical foods ordered are sandwiches, fruit and cheese trays, snacks and a variety of beverages.

Can I order catering from my favorite restaurant?
Yes. With an advanced notice, charter clients enjoy ordering from their favorite regional restaurants. These favorite regional foods may include a deep-dish Chicago pizza, Stone Crab from Miami, Shrimp and Grits from New Orleans or Cioppino from San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

Can I select an aircraft based on the configuration that suits the purpose of my flight?

Yes. Mercury Jets’ charter coordinators can assist you with locating a private jet configured for the specific purpose of your charter flight. This includes seating configured for business conversations and private areas for relaxation.

Can I choose interior colors and finishes? Yes. For example, depending on availability, Cessna offers interiors in six different interior options.

What type of jet is best for short domestic flights? Typically, private jets fly routes under 1,500 miles. The most efficient jet for these routes is a Light jet.

Do private jets fly above or below commercial jetliners? Private jets typically fly at altitudes far above commercial airliners, some up to 45,000-50,000 feet, whereas commercial airlines fly around 30,000 feet.

Do private jets have pressurized cabins that help keep passengers rested? Yes. A private jet’s pressurized cabin simulates lower altitudes, which allows passengers to feel less tired and more refreshed when arriving at their destination.

How many aircraft does Mercury Jets have access to?

Mercury Jets has been in business for many years and has access to all jets available for private charters.

Why is it an advantage to have access to a large number of aircraft?

By having access to a larger number of private jets, charter clients, especially those new to flying private, can experience a larger variety of aircraft models. Having access to more aircraft means you can find the configuration that suits the purpose of your flight when and where you need to charter a flight.

What advantage is there in a fast climb rate? Private jets have a short take off rate, which means they can operate from smaller regional airports and climb faster to reach a cruising altitude.

How many guests can I invite to ride on a my privately chartered flight?

When you fly private, you can invite as many guests as your private jet is configured to seat.

Can I swap out passengers that are booked on my private chartered flight?

Yes. You can change your passenger list by contacting your charter coordinator. Required documents may include government issued identification, passports and visas.

Do I need to pass through security with my luggage before my flight?

There are security requirements at all airports. When flying through smaller airports and FBOs, there are no long security lines. There are also fewer baggage restrictions when flying private.

Will someone be able to help me with my luggage at the airport?

Yes. The airport staff will place your luggage aboard the aircraft and take it off upon your arrival.

How much luggage can I carry with me? The luggage capacity of private jets varies. Some jets have external and internal luggage storage. Passengers can access internal baggage storage areas. Your Mercury Jets charter coordinator will be able to assess how much luggage can be carried based on your aircraft type and number of guests you will be traveling with.

What if my passengers bring too much luggage?

Although unlikely, arrangements can be made to take care of luggage that can’t be loaded on the aircraft.

Can private jets flight long distance non-stop charters? Yes. Flying non-stop among the most popular perks of flying private. Most jets, even Light jets have long range capabilities. If your jet does not need to land and refuel, you will reach your destination faster. You will be able to avoid delays due to  weather, waiting for air traffic to clear for landing and takeoff and the fueling process itself.

Can I charter a private jet to tour several cities?

Yes. Many passengers enhance their family vacations by touring several cities. For example, by visiting a few cities on the West Coast of California, families can experience the diversity of California’s rugged beauty and sun-soaked beaches. A typical route might include touring the coast of picturesque Monterey, dinner with a view of the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge and discovering San Diego’s La Jolla, a coastal village infused with European charm and world-class dining.

Does Mercury Jets work with the U.S. Government?

Yes. Mercury Jets is a global supplier of aircraft to the US government, as well as managing air support projects for the United Nations, Canadian Department of Defense, and the British Ministry of Defense.

Can Mercury Jets help me find a perfect destination for my family vacation?

Yes. Mercury Jets has deep experience working clients over the years. We keep track of the latest travel trends and vacation destinations chosen by charter clients.

Are there membership or club fees or annual dues I have to pay to use Mercury Jets for booking private charters?

No. Mercury Jets is an on-demand private jet charterer. There are no annual dues or required membership fees to access Mercury Jets’ professional charter coordinators. Instant quotes are provided online and over the phone at no cost.

Do private jet companies offer mileage programs?

No. Mercury Jets is an on-demand private charter provider. Passengers should contact their credit card company for qualifying purchases.

What do I need to know before flying with my pet on a private jet?

Traveling with your pet on a privately chartered flight will help you and your pet avoid many of the restrictions of commercial airlines. You and your pet can avoid crowded airports and long security lines when flying private.

When flying private, your pet can accompany you year-round. You can travel with your pet without concern about commercial airline restrictions that may include your pet’s breed. When flying commercial or private, pet owners must ensure that vaccination and customs documentation is in order.

Preparing your pet for travel. For your pet’s safety, as well as the safety of everyone onboard, pets are required to be secured in an IATA-compliant pet crate or airline compliant carrier during takeoff and landing. Your pet should be secured in his or her own seat or baggage area in the cabin as designated

Whether you are planning to travel with your pet, or if your pet will be transported on its own, Mercury Jets can assist you with preparations to ensure you and your pet are comfortable, safe and well taken care of during your chartered flight.

What should I know about traveling with my children? Children must be accompanied by an adult. The adult will be required to provide proper identification. All passengers are listed on the manifest.

Is there a dress code aboard a private jet?

While there are no formal dress codes to adhere to when flying private, your attire should reflect the nature of your flight and with whom you are flying. If you are flying with friends and family, casual attire, even jeans are appropriate. If you are on a business trip with a client or traveling as a guest, business attire is appropriate. Ladies may find it much more comfortable to wear low heels or flats, especially as the aircraft movement in flight can make it challenging to keep your balance.

Can I change my clothes during the flight? Yes. Passengers on chartered jets with interior baggage compartments can access luggage and change in the lavatory, bedroom or other private area depending on the aircraft configuration.

Do some private jets have bedrooms? Yes. Some aircraft configurations include bedrooms for sleeping.

Are there private bathrooms aboard a private jet?

Yes. In most cases, lavatories are enclosed by a sliding door for privacy. Check with your charter coordinator for details about your jet’s lavatory.

What time should I arrive at the airport for my flight? Keeping in contact with your charter coordinator is advisable, especially if your travel plans change. Passengers should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled departure time.

If there are changes to my travel plans, who should I contact? If there are changes to your travel plans, please contact your charter coordinator.

Who ensures the plane is prepared properly for my chartered flight?

The crew and airport staff ensure your private jet is prepared for your flight, from flight attendants, catering supplies, cleaning and other necessary safety checks and preparations to ensure your flight is a flawless private flying experience.

Does Mercury Jets provide a quote on more than one aircraft type for my charter flight?

Yes. Mercury Jets provides instant quotes with options for more than one type of aircraft.

Does Mercury Jets provide instant quotes for newer and older aircraft? Yes. Instant quotes are provided for private jets with three tabs for different aircraft manufacture dates. If the aircraft’s interior or exterior has been refurbished, the dates of refurbishment will be included.

Can I book a charter flight 24 hours a day?

Yes. Mercury Jets can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Are there ways I can reduce my carbon footprint by flying in a private jet?

Yes. Modern aircraft engines are more fuel efficient than ever before. Private jets have fast take-off rates and can climb to reach cruising altitude faster. Once jets reach their cruising altitude, the engines burn fuel more efficiently. Commuting to smaller airports can shorten your commute and get you to your destination faster. By selecting more efficient routes, in-flight hours and travel time can also be reduced.

What is the fastest jet Mercury Jets has access to?

At 700 miles per hour, the Cessna Citation X+ is the fastest jet available for private charter.

Identification: Do I need to show my ID at the airport?

During the process of arranging your privately chartered flight, you’ll need to provide a valid driver’s license (or passport, if you are flying to an international destination). Your charter coordinator will advise if obtaining a Visa is required. Your charter coordinator will also create a passenger manifest to document passengers on the flight. Upon your arrival at the FBO, your provider will check your credentials. Passengers can be added or subtracted on the manifest up until your flight’s departure, as long proper identification is presented. Of course, forgetting your ID will delay your trip, so be sure to bring it.

Does Mercury Jets own aircraft?

No. Mercury Jets is a charter broker, focused on providing the highest level of customer service and value through deep experience in the private jet industry.

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