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I am pleased to announce the end of a huge gap in the air cargo market.  If you were looking to fly 5 tons plus, at jet speeds, without breaking the bank for let’s say a DC9 you could forget it. The only aircraft which could affordably be operated in this segment was the usual turbine freighter i.e. ATR, SAAB, Convair just to name a few. But along comes Bombardier to save the day, filling this gap expertly with their CRJ 200PF. Check out these awesome specs:

ModelBombardier CRJ 200PF
Aircraft TypeMedium
Seating Max0
Speed786 Km/h
Range2000 Km
Maintenance Cost$0
Payload Max6800 Kg

We were looking for an air charter aircraft just like this to service distances(700nm) which were in the range of a turbo prop, but they were just too slow and our customers cargo would just not get there in time for them to make their deadlines. And flying a big DC9 with just 13000 pounds was not a feasible option for us. This aircraft would also be perfect for AOG operations around the world or even to serve shipping yards with all their spare part needs all over the Caribbean. Chartering for purposes like these have been on the increase and I also feel that with the new common cargo law not being allowed on passenger planes anymore, that the need for plane like this might just spike in the very near future.

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