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Nestled 6 miles northwest of the downtown of Avalon, in the heart of Catalina Island, California, Catalina Airport is a privately owned yet public-use airport that serves general aviation aircraft. Thus, it is mainly used for general aviation. The airport is often nicknamed the Airport in the Sky due to its location and breathtaking views. Although Catalina Airport does not provide scheduled passenger services these days, it is often used for a private jet. Owned by the Catalina Island Conservancy, Catalina Airport features one asphalt surfaced in fair condition and offers a host of the top-flight services.

There are 6 aircraft based on the field of Catalina Airport, including single-engine airplanes. The major aircraft operations Catalina Airport provides are transient general aviation, military, air taxi, and local general aviation.

Catalina Airport (AVX, KAVX) Private Jet Charter


  1. ANA, Orange County Steel Salvage Heliport, Anaheim, United States.
  2. AVX, Avalon Bay, Catalina Island, United States.
  3. BUR, Bob Hope, Burbank, United States.
  4. CCB, Cable Airport, Upland, CA, United States.
  5. CCD, Century City, Los Angeles, United States.
  6. CIB, Ap In The Sky, Catalina Island, United States.
  7. CLD, Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport, Carlsbad, CA, United States.
  8. CNO, Chino, Chino, United States.
  9. CPM, Compton, Compton, United States.
  10. CVR, Hughes, Culver City, United States.
  11. EMT, El Monte, El Monte, United States.
  12. FUL, Municipal, Fullerton, United States.
  13. HHR, Hawthorne, Hawthorne, United States.
  14. JBP, Commerce Bus. Plaza, Los Angeles, United States.
  15. JDY, Heliport, Downey, United States.
  16. JGX, Heliport, Glendale, United States.
  17. JID, City Of Industry H/P, Los Angeles, United States.
  18. JLX, Union Station H/P, Los Angeles, United States.
  19. JNP, Heliport, Newport Beach, United States.
  20. JOR, The City Heliport, Orange, United States.


  1. Hotel Metropole, 205 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.
  2. Catalina Island Inn Hotel, 125 Metropole Avenue, Avalon.
  3. Hotel Vista Del Mar, 417 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.
  4. The Avalon Hotel, 124 Whittley Avenue, Avalon.
  5. Hotel Mac Rae, 409 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.
  6. Pavilion Hotel, 513 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.
  7. Glenmore Plaza Hotel, 120 Sumner Avenue, Avalon.
  8. Hermosa Hotel & Catalina Cottages, 131 Metropole Avenue, Avalon.
  9. Hotel Catalina, 129 Whittley Avenue, Avalon.


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