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Avalon Bay Airport (AVX, KAVX) is located in Catalina Island, United States. Mercury Jets offers private jet charter services to and from Catalina Island, United States.

Weather for Catalina Island
Today Sunday Monday
Catalina Island Weather Forecast - Partly Cloudy at 7:00 PM CDT on March 17, 2018
Partly Cloudy
Catalina Island Weather Forecast - Partly Cloudy at 7:00 PM CDT on March 18, 2018
Partly Cloudy
Catalina Island Weather Forecast - Clear at 7:00 PM CDT on March 19, 2018

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Airports near Avalon Bay Airport within 70 miles

Avalon Bay Airport Charter

1. ANA, Orange County Steel Salvage Heliport, Anaheim, United States.

2. AVX, Avalon Bay, Catalina Island, United States.

3. BUR, Bob Hope, Burbank, United States.

4. CCB, Cable Airport, Upland, CA, United States.

5. CCD, Century City, Los Angeles, United States.

6. CIB, Ap In The Sky, Catalina Island, United States.

7. CLD, Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport, Carlsbad, CA, United States.

8. CNO, Chino, Chino, United States.

9. CPM, Compton, Compton, United States.

10. CVR, Hughes, Culver City, United States.

11. EMT, El Monte, El Monte, United States.

12. FUL, Municipal, Fullerton, United States.

13. HHR, Hawthorne, Hawthorne, United States.

14. JBP, Commerce Bus. Plaza, Los Angeles, United States.

15. JDY, Heliport, Downey, United States.

16. JGX, Heliport, Glendale, United States.

17. JID, City Of Industry H/P, Los Angeles, United States.

18. JLX, Union Station H/P, Los Angeles, United States.

19. JNP, Heliport, Newport Beach, United States.

20. JOR, The City Heliport, Orange, United States.

Hotels near Avalon Bay Airport

1. Hotel Metropole, 205 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.

2. Catalina Island Inn Hotel, 125 Metropole Avenue, Avalon.

3. Hotel Vista Del Mar, 417 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.

4. The Avalon Hotel, 124 Whittley Avenue, Avalon.

5. Hotel Mac Rae, 409 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.

6. Pavilion Hotel, 513 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.

7. Glenmore Plaza Hotel, 120 Sumner Avenue, Avalon.

8. Hermosa Hotel & Catalina Cottages, 131 Metropole Avenue, Avalon.

9. Hotel Catalina, 129 Whittley Avenue, Avalon.

Travel Agencies near Avalon Bay Airport

1. Mary Lou’s Travel, 220 Metropole Avenue, Avalon.

Rent A Car at Avalon Bay Airport

There are no rent a car at Avalon Bay Airport within 70 miles