Explore Tanzania with Mercury Jets

Explore Tanzania with Mercury Jets

Tanzania – beyond the images of giraffes and elephants – is a country that has some of the most beautiful beaches and magical experiences. From the historical towns to taking tours of spice plantations and savoring local cuisine, it is a country where everyone can make lasting memories. Between a tropical paradise and all the culture and history that the country offers, it is no wonder why this country makes Africa so unique.

Unique Experiences in Zanzibar

Zanzibar, or what some people call it the Spice Island, is known for its plantations that grow some of the most aromatic spices in the world. Cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla are just some of the spices you can find. In addition to this, you can take a tour of these plantations where you can explore the areas where the crops grow and learn about how they are grown. Some ours even allow you to taste the traditional dishes which are made for the very spices you collect.

Zanzibar is also known for its seafood, where you can find fresh fish and seafood. One great place to discover is the Forodhani Gardens, an evening food market. Here you can find everything from fresh seafood to delicious African food you can savor. Additional places to try are the Emerson Spice Cafe for their view and the House of Spices for the variety of traditional Zanzibar dishes that are both flavorful and delicious.

Places to Stay

Another great aspect of Zanzibar is all the variety of places which you can stay at. There are numerous mansions and palaces throughout history that have been transformed into luxury hotels which a variety of amenities that compliment your stay. The Zanzibar Serena Hotel would be the best option for a truly luxury experience with breathtaking views. Beyond the great cuisine, markets and luxury accommodations, one cannot forget the beach. The cost at Mangapwani is true paradise which crystal blue waters and coral reefs to snorkel around.

Beneath all of the captivating and unique cultural experiences in Zanzibar, there is a history that is both deep and colorful. Influences from several cultures including the Persians and British can be seen all over the city. The Old Fort, for example, resembles that of the Omani Empire and the center for slave trading. Kelele Square, which is a former slave market is one area you can visit before you leave back home if you’re interested in learning about this dark piece of history.

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