Explore the UK by Private Jet

Explore the UK by Private Jet

The United Kingdom is acknowledged by many as a globally influential center of culture and finance. It is a political union made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. But this nation also served as the first base that started many things in its history: The British Empire, The Beatles, and great literature such as Great Expectations by Charles Dickens to name a few. It is also one of few countries that has a constitutional monarchy with a parliament and government. A land full of culture and art, you would not get bored in a country where its influence from rulership was so wide, it was once known where the sun never sets.

Manchester, England

As the world’s first industrialized city in the world during the Industrial Revolution, it is no wonder there is a Science and Industry Museum to record Manchester, England years as a textile powerhouse. Now, any reminiscence of the city’s past with factory buildings and warehouses has been upgraded to nightclubs and boutique hotels.
The area is a birthplace to famous pop bands such as Oasis and The Smiths, which makes music scenes very important in venues and clubs throughout the Northern Quarter. Shop around Arndale Centre or King street regardless of one’s budget and style. Or take a stroll around St. Ann’s Square to experience the local’s cuisine while people watching.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This capital is eye candy for vintage architectures. Besides having an Edinburgh castle towering over its territory, there are neoclassical buildings, medieval Old Town, and sophisticated Georgian New Town with gardens across the city. If you want to admire nature at its finest, a walk to Arthur’s Seat will offer visitors a spectacular view. For a cultured environment, Calton Hill has a collective contemporary art gallery, memorials, and monuments. Musicals and comedies are performed by Edinburgh Playhouse. Step into Broughton Street for a typical day as a local where casual eatery is common.

Swansea, Wales

Swansea is known for their cultural centers and greenery. Step into Wales oldest institution called the Swansea Museum where it hosts many historical items and surprises from boats to maritime paintings. The National Waterfront Museum is known for coal-industry artifacts and slate-and-glass extension. The Dylan Thomas Centre is a museum dedicated to the Welsh poet. For craft, produce and other goods, enter into Swansea Market.

Belfast, Ireland

Despite being the capital of Ireland, it is also the birthplace of RMS Titanic, which sank in 1912. This place is known for Titanic-themed buildings, such as Titanic Slipway and Titanic Quarter.

Bath, England

Enter this town for their 18th-century Georgian architecture and natural hot springs. Come to Bath Abbey for its stained glassed window and fan-vaulting tower. Bath private jet has never been so comfortable, luxury, and cost-friendly before.