Explore Ukraine’s Cultural Capital of Lviv with Mercury Jets

Explore Ukraine’s Cultural Capital of Lviv with Mercury Jets

At the crossroads of Europe and Russia, Lviv is a city with great character. One of the wonderful cities in Ukraine, Lviv boasts a wide range of activities amidst the brightly colored buildings and charming cafes serving chocolate and coffee that the city is well-known for.

Thought the city is in Ukraine, it resembles more of European cities like that of Vienna than its Russian counterparts of Moscow or St. Petersburg. With so many interesting places to visit, it remains somewhat of a hidden gem among the more popular trips to Paris or London.

Places to See and Things to Do in Lviv

Once in Lviv, you will quickly learn the importance of their café culture, like that in Paris. If you feel like sipping on espresso and indulging in some Ukrainian delicacies, this is the place to be. Coffee in this city is so popular that you can take a tour of the Coffee Mining Manufacture, where it is mined roasted and mixed right in front of your eyes.

Excluding Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe by geographical size and Lviv remains its cultural capital. Here, the city hosts some of the nation’s main attractions including festivals, such as the National Chocolate Festival and the Cheese and Wine Festival to name a few.

Between the music festivals, art exhibits, theatres, and universities, the main attraction remains to be the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. If you are looking to gain some knowledge of Ukraine or in other words – a history lesson – visit the Pharmacy Museum or the Arsenal museum to do just that.

Other unique places to explore in the city are the Lvivatnya, which essentially is the museum of beer. Another great reason to visit is that Lviv is a UNESCO-recognized old town and you can enjoy the city by just walking around and admiring all of the architecture and different churches in the city.

In the heart of the city is Rynok Square, which features an abundance of colorful buildings in different architectural styles. The city is also located near the Carpathian Mountains, so incredibly hiking trails and breathtaking views are only a car ride away.

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