Hospitality & Events Private Jet Charter

Hospitality & Events Private Jet Charter

Mercury Jets provides an on-demand private jet charter service tailored specifically for the unique needs of hospitality and event planning. With the increasing demand for personalized and flexible travel options, our service is a beacon of luxury, efficiency, and customization in private aviation.

We are dedicated to orchestrating air charter services for various hospitality events worldwide. We offer a vast selection of aircraft for charter, from light jets to luxurious large-cabin jets capable of cross-continental flights.

We ensure that our offerings are flexible and innovative, catering specifically to your guests, corporate sponsors, and partners. Every charter is completely customizable, featuring options such as tailored catering and personalized in-flight entertainment.

Charter a Private Jet for Hospitality & Events


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Types of Events Ideal for Private Jet Charters

Private jet charters offer unparalleled flexibility and luxury. Here’s how private jets can transform your next event, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations.

Corporate Retreats and Business Meetings

Elevate your business events by providing attendees with a travel experience that reflects the occasion’s importance. Private jets facilitate discussions in a confidential environment, making them perfect for transporting executive teams or hosting essential negotiations.

Sports Events and Entertainment

Whether it’s the PGA Championship, the Olympics, Wimbledon, or the Rugby World Cup, the logistical demands of these events can be extremely high. Private jets ensure the timely arrival of key participants and cater to the specific needs of sports teams and celebrities, offering a hassle-free travel solution.

Weddings and Special Family Occasions

Make your special day unforgettable with the luxury of a private jet. Tailor every detail of your journey to reflect the occasion’s significance, ensuring the memories begin when you set foot on the aircraft.

Music and Cultural Festivals

Travel to the world’s most exciting cultural events in style and comfort at events like the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Music festival or Cannes Film Festival. With access to an extensive fleet, we can accommodate everyone from small groups looking for a personalized travel experience to large companies needing efficient transportation to multiple locations.

Services We Provide

Choosing Mercury Jets means expecting nothing but the best. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide unparalleled end-to-end support. Our dedicated team goes beyond the call of duty to assist with every aspect of your private jet experience. From initial booking to on-board accommodations for special needs, our staff is available around the clock, every day of the year, to ensure your journey is flawless and stress-free.

  • Customized Concierge Services: Recognizing that each client has unique needs, Mercury Jets offers personalized concierge services tailored to each individual. Navigating the world of online private jet bookings can be complex, but our approach simplifies the process and provides comprehensive support at every step.
  • Jet Charter Planning: New to private jet travel? No worries. Our concierges are here to guide you through planning your journey from takeoff to landing. Our services are designed to simplify and streamline your private jet booking, making the process as clear and straightforward as possible.
  • Multi-Leg Trip Coordination: Organizing multi-stop trips can be daunting, but our skilled concierges excel in arranging complex itineraries. Whether you’re booking a multi-leg journey or need arrangements for family and pets, Mercury Jets’ concierge team will ensure your travel plans unfold without a hitch, offering support and peace of mind throughout your journey.

Why Choose Mercury Jets for Your Next Event?

Choose Mercury Jets, the leading private jet charter company, for your next event and elevate your transportation experience. With private jet charters, enjoy time savings by skipping check-in lines and avoiding delays. Benefit from complete customization, ensuring every aspect of your journey aligns with your event’s theme and style. Travel in privacy and comfort, with a dedicated Charter Manager available 24/7 to address any issues swiftly. Transform your event with unique experiences facilitated by Mercury Jets’ impeccable service.