Private Jet Charter Boston to Chicago

Private Jet Charter Boston to Chicago

Mercury Jets provides an on-demand private jet charter from Boston to Chicago.

Fly private from the vibrant city of Boston to the iconic Chicago and get a travel experience like no other. As you set off on your private flight from Boston, you’re not just choosing convenience; you’re embracing a lifestyle. Our private jet rental services are tailored to provide a serene travel environment, allowing you to relax or work in complete privacy and comfort.

We understand the nuances of luxury travel and ensure that every aspect of your private plane charter is meticulously taken care of. As soon as you embark on your journey, you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of unparalleled exclusivity and elegance, a hallmark of the Mercury Jets experience.

Charter a Private Jet from Boston to Chicago


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Boston and Chicago are two major American cities renowned for their cultural significance, historical landmarks, and bustling economic activities. A private jet charter between these cities offers unparalleled convenience and an opportunity to experience the luxury and efficiency of tailored travel. Boston’s rich history, educational institutions, and vibrant arts scene contrasts with Chicago’s architectural marvels, extensive park systems, and dynamic marketplaces. This route caters especially to those who appreciate the finer details of city life and desire a travel experience that reflects their aspirations and achievements.

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost from Boston to Chicago?

The estimated cost of a private flight from Boston to Chicago (one-way price estimate) is as follows:

  1. Piston N/A;
  2. Turboprop: $12,800;
  3. Light jet: $14,800;
  4. Midsize jet: $18,000;
  5. Super midsize jet: $19,400;
  6. Heavy jet: $28,100;
  7. Ultra long range jet N/A.

Boston to Chicago Private Charter Flight Time

Private flights between Boston and Chicago typically range from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the aircraft type. Here are specific flight times for each selected aircraft category:

  • Light Jet: Boston – Chicago (Logan International Airport – O’Hare International Airport), travel time is approximately 2:30 h;
  • Midsize Jet: Boston – Chicago (Logan International Airport – O’Hare International Airport), travel time is approximately 2:20 h;
  • Super Midsize Jet: Boston – Chicago (Logan International Airport – O’Hare International Airport), travel time is approximately 2:10 h.

Available Aircraft for Charter Flights from Boston to Chicago

For your private flights from Boston to Chicago, it is advisable to consider Light Jets, Midsize Jets, and Super Midsize Jets. Below are details for three examples from each category:

Light Jets

Light jets are known for their efficiency and are ideal for shorter regional travel. They typically accommodate smaller groups, making them perfect for business or personal trips.

  1. Citation CJ3: This jet is celebrated for its reliability and economical operation. It can seat between 6 and 7 passengers and offers a range of 2,040 nautical miles, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing cost-efficiency and comfort.
  2. Learjet 45: This aircraft offers a seamless blend of comfort and performance, with the capacity to accommodate 8 passengers. It is ideal for business engagements and leisure travel, offering amenities catering to productivity and relaxation.
  3. Hawker 400XP: Renowned for its spacious cabin and impressive speed, the Hawker 400XP can seat up to 7 passengers. It is favored for its ability to provide a luxurious and swift travel experience, ensuring passenger satisfaction on every journey.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets offer a great balance of range and comfort, suitable for medium-range flights. They provide more space than light jets and support enhanced amenities.

  1. Citation XLS+: This jet is designed for comfort, accommodating up to 9 passengers with a range of 2,100 nautical miles. It is ideal for longer flights where comfort is prioritized, offering ample space and luxury in-flight.
  2. Hawker 800XP: Known for its spacious cabin and robust performance, this jet seats up to 8 passengers and suits travelers looking for a blend of luxury and effective performance across various distances.
  3. Learjet 60: This jet is known for its speed and smooth flying experience, accommodating up to 7 passengers. It has great climbing capabilities, making it a preferred choice for clients needing a fast and reliable service.

Super Midsize Jets

Super midsize jets are perfect for longer-range flights. They offer spacious cabins and high performance, providing the luxury and amenities of larger jets while maintaining versatility.

  1. Challenger 350: Known for its high performance and wide cabin, this jet can seat up to 10 passengers. It provides a blend of comfort, luxury, and operational efficiency, suitable for business and leisure trips.
  2. Citation Sovereign: This aircraft balances performance with comfort, accommodating up to 12 passengers. It’s designed for those who require a more spacious environment and extended range capabilities.
  3. Gulfstream G280: A synonym for luxury and high performance, the G280 seats 10 passengers and offers a sophisticated setting for productivity or relaxation. Its advanced features ensure a comfortable and efficient journey across longer distances.

Airports for Jet Charter Flights from Boston to Chicago

When booking a private flight from Boston to Chicago, the city is served by these airports:

  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT)
  • T. F. Green Airport (PVD)

Here are popular airports that serve Chicago:

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • Chicago Executive Airport (PWK)


Are pets allowed on private jets from Boston to Chicago?

Yes, pets are typically welcome on private jets, making your travel experience seamless and inclusive. However, it is advisable to confirm with us beforehand.

What are the luggage limitations for Boston to Chicago private jet flights?

Luggage capacity on private jets can vary significantly depending on the aircraft type. While light jets might have more stringent limitations due to space constraints, midsize or super midsize jets generally offer more generous luggage capacities. In general, private jets are equipped to handle standard luggage amounts similar to what you would expect with commercial airlines.

Can I charter a private jet from Boston to Chicago for a day trip?

Absolutely, chartering a private jet for a day trip between Boston and Chicago is a popular option for business and leisure travelers alike. Private jets provide the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to avoid the hassles of commercial air travel, such as long security lines and delays. This means you can depart at a time that suits your schedule, handle business or personal matters in Chicago, and return to Boston on the same day.

Is catering provided on private jet Flights from Boston to Chicago?

Yes, one of the luxuries of flying by private jet is the ability to customize many aspects of your travel experience, including catering. Whether you prefer a light snack, specific dietary requirements, or a gourmet meal, we can arrange whatever you desire to enhance your flight experience.

Can I fly directly from Boston to Chicago on a private jet without stops?

Yes, flying directly from Boston to Chicago without any stops is standard for private jet charters, thanks to the capable range of aircraft categories recommended for this route. Light jets, midsize jets, and super midsize jets can comfortably cover the distance between these cities, providing a swift, uninterrupted travel experience. This direct flight capability saves time and enhances the overall convenience and comfort of your journey.