Private Jet Charter Tucson to Las Vegas

Private Jet Charter Tucson to Las Vegas

Mercury Jets provides an on-demand private jet charter from Tucson to Las Vegas.

Fly private from the charming desert city of Tucson to the dazzling entertainment capital of Las Vegas and get a travel experience like no other. As you set off on your private flight from Tucson, you’re not just choosing convenience; you’re embracing a lifestyle. Our private jet rental services are tailored to provide a serene travel environment, allowing you to relax or work in complete privacy and comfort.

We understand the nuances of luxury travel and ensure that every aspect of your private plane charter is meticulously taken care of. As soon as you embark on your journey, you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of unparalleled exclusivity and elegance, a hallmark of the Mercury Jets experience.

Charter a Private Jet from Tucson to Las Vegas


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Traveling from Tucson to Las Vegas on a private jet offers an escape from the tranquil Sonoran Desert to the vibrant, neon-lit streets of Las Vegas. Tucson, known for its rich history, outdoor adventures, and stunning desert landscapes, offers a stark but complementary contrast to the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. This city, famous for its world-class casinos, extravagant shows, and luxury resorts, promises excitement and indulgence at every turn. Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas for business, pleasure, or a bit of both, a private jet charter ensures a luxurious and seamless journey.

How Much Does a Private Jet Tucson to Las Vegas?

The estimated cost of a private jet from Tucson to Las Vegas (one-way) is as follows:

  1. Piston: $4,600;
  2. Turboprop: $7,500;
  3. Light jet: $9,400;
  4. Midsize jet: $10,600;
  5. Super midsize jet: $16,600;
  6. Heavy jet: $20,400;
  7. Ultra long range jet N/A.

Tucson to Las Vegas Private Charter Flight Time

Private flights between Tucson and Las Vegas typically range from 1 to 2 hours. Here are specific flight times for each aircraft category:

  • Pistons: Tucson – Las Vegas (Tucson International Airport – McCarran International Airport), travel time is approximately 2:00 h;
  • Turboprops: Tucson – Las Vegas (Tucson International Airport – North Las Vegas Airport), travel time is approximately 1:40 h;
  • Light jets: Tucson – Las Vegas (Tucson International Airport – Henderson Executive Airport), travel time is approximately 1:10 h.

Available Aircraft for Charter Flights from Tucson to Las Vegas

For your private flights from Tucson to Las Vegas, it is advisable to consider pistons, turboprops, and light jets.


Pistons are small, efficient aircraft often chosen for shorter, cost-effective trips. They are ideal for personal or small-group travel.

  1. The Diamond DA-62 is a modern, high-performance aircraft offering a blend of efficiency and comfort. Its advanced avionics and spacious cabin provide a smooth and enjoyable flying experience.
  2. The Cirrus SR 22 stands out for its innovative safety features and impressive performance. It’s perfect for travelers seeking a reliable and swift journey and offers a unique combination of luxury and functionality.
  3. The CE-210M is known for its versatility and rugged design. It’s an excellent choice for those who value reliability and straightforward, comfortable travel arrangements.


Turboprops are known for their reliability and versatility, bridging the gap between piston aircraft and jets. They offer a perfect balance of performance, comfort, and efficiency for medium-range flights.

  1. The Pilatus PC-12/47E (NG) is renowned for its outstanding versatility, spacious cabin, and advanced technology. It’s a top choice for travelers who require a mix of luxury and practical performance.
  2. The Pilatus PC 12/45 is admired for its excellent operational flexibility and comfort. Its cabin offers a quiet, refined atmosphere for relaxation and work.
  3. The King Air B200 is a symbol of reliability and comfort. Known for its speed and range, it provides an exceptional flying experience, combining luxury with impressive technical capabilities.

Light Jets

Light Jets are designed for shorter regional flights and offer a balance of comfort and efficiency. Ideal for small groups, they provide a luxurious yet cost-effective solution for traveling from Philadelphia to Fremont.

  1. Citation CJ2 is a notable light jet known for its combination of performance and luxury. It offers a spacious cabin and advanced features, catering to business and leisure travelers.
  2. Learjet 45 is renowned for its reliability and comfort. It features a spacious interior and modern amenities, making it a preferred choice for discerning travelers.
  3. Hawker 400XP is a blend of comfort and performance. The 400XP is perfect for those seeking a high-quality travel experience, with a luxurious cabin and efficient operation.

Airports for Jet Charter Flights from Tucson to Las Vegas

When booking a private flight from Tucson to Las Vegas, the city is served by these airports:

  • Tucson International Airport (TUS);
  • Marana Regional Airport (AVQ).

Here are popular airports that serve Las Vegas:

  • McCarran International Airport (LAS);
  • North Las Vegas Airport (VGT);
  • Henderson Executive Airport (HSH).

Enjoy the convenience and luxury of private jet travel from Tucson to Las Vegas with Mercury Jets. Contact us today to book your flight.


Are pets allowed on private jets from Tucson to Las Vegas?

Yes, pets are welcome on private jet charters from Tucson to Las Vegas. We ensure a pet-friendly travel experience, adhering to all necessary regulations. Your furry companions can enjoy the journey in the cabin with you, making your trip more enjoyable and stress-free.

What are the luggage limits for Tucson to Las Vegas private jet flights?

Luggage capacity varies depending on the aircraft type chosen for your Tucson to Las Vegas private jet flight. Generally, private jets offer ample space for luggage, but it is advisable to discuss your specific requirements with Mercury Jets.

Can I charter a private jet from Tucson to Las Vegas for a day trip?

Absolutely! Mercury Jets provides flexible scheduling for day trips, catering to tight itineraries and ensuring efficient travel. Whether you have a business meeting or a leisure excursion, our team can organize a private jet to suit your schedule, allowing you to maximize your time in Tucson and Las Vegas.

Is catering provided on private jet flights from Tucson to Las Vegas?

Yes, a range of gourmet dining options tailored to your preferences is available on Tucson to Las Vegas flights. At Mercury Jets, we strive to enhance your luxury travel experience, offering a variety of high-quality meals and refreshments. Inform us of any dietary restrictions or special requests, and we will ensure your culinary needs are met.

Can I fly directly from Tucson to Las Vegas on a private jet without stops?

Yes. We offer aircraft capable of covering the distance between Tucson and Las Vegas non-stop, ensuring a swift and luxurious journey. Mercury Jets offers a variety of jets that provide the convenience of direct flights, allowing you to enjoy a seamless travel experience without the need for layovers.