How to Stay Inspired Between Trips

How to Stay Inspired Between Trips

Jet lag is the worst thing that can happen to you when traveling from one country to the next. Add family, friends, and work to the mix and the results tie many people down into staying in their home city. Despite the hassle, traveling around the world has always been a dream many people try to attain. If you are consumed with wanderlust now and do not want to be emotionally drained throughout the process, read on to keep that fire alive inside you.

1. Have a list of movies or TV shows that involve travel

Desire begins at home. Television screens and access to a computer serve as a window to the outside world. The shows you select do not have to be specifically based on travel documentaries, as they can be movies that were inspired by great literature or real-life events. Some inspiring movies are Heidi, which sets in Switzerland and The Last Emperor, which was based on Puyi’s life as the last Emperor of China.

2. Plan your adventure

Handling one’s own affairs months in advance can be an exciting process. No one knows you better than yourself. So, the preparation you do is specifically tailored to your own interest, which will shape your ideas of a perfect trip and budget. You can choose the best train journeys and flight routes to travel by. You will also know what seasons are best to attend in the country and which hotels offer the best service in the area.

3. Join a travel club or connect with other travelers on social media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great social media platforms to share one’s adventures and be inspired by another traveler’s experience. The best thing about social media is that you can ask questions or give comments about your experience in whatever country that was posted on the media. Travel clubs are great in-person learning environments, so you will not only have access to your reference file by memory but also meet other travelers as well.

4. Create scrapbooks and photo albums

Having a physical copy of your vacation along with tangible objects such as ticket stubs and pressed flowers will bring a wave of nostalgia and excitement you felt on that trip. It is a great practice on your creativity and will be treasured by you and the future generation.