Take a Private Jet to Valparaiso with Mercury Jets

Take a Private Jet to Valparaiso with Mercury Jets

Valparaiso, or as the locals call it “Valpo,” is known by many as the cultural capital of Chile. With an energetic street art scene and edgy restaurants, the city is both charming and artistic. Built on a series of hills, the city offers unbeatable views of the sea. It is also home to the largest fireworks display in all of South America, which the main event being New Year’s Eve where at one point there were over 16,000 fireworks shot across the sky.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture in Valparaiso, Chile

Due to the location and breathtaking views in this “vertical” city, checking out the seaside port is a must-see before your departure. Though there are no luxury cruises, you can immerse yourself into the local culture and take a boat ride to see sea lions and take memorable photos with your loved ones. Alternatively, you can visit the famous Nobel-prized winning author’s home, Pablo Neruda.

Art, Wine, and Beautiful Views in Chile

The city is also an incredible arts destination, with bright colorful murals and incredible design all around. Since the city is also located just outside the Casablanca Valley, it’s also home to some of Chile’s most famous wineries where you can enjoy wine tasting and explore some beautiful and boutique vineyards before you return home.

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