A Tropical Weekend Getaway in Anguilla by Private Jet

A Tropical Weekend Getaway in Anguilla by Private Jet

If palm trees, tropical weather, white sand beaches, and relaxation is your thing, then Anguilla is the place for you. Here, people are relaxing under the sun next to turquoise waters while sipping pina coladas (just like in the advertisements). And what better way to enjoy this stress-free vacation than to book a private jet charter with Mercury Jets, so you can avoid all the hassle of commercial flights, busy airports and lost luggage.

Great Reasons to Visit Anguilla

Life on this tropical island is everything but stress. And though Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and damaged a lot of this island, Anguilla is up and running again and is depending on tourism dollars to rebuild its economy and bring the island back to life, which is an even better reason to book your flight and visit.

Anguilla has more than 30 different beaches on the island, one of which is Shoal Bay, known to be a very scenic destination to get your dose of sunshine and vitamin D. Other great adventures on the island include horseback riding on the beach.

Adventures on the Island

If you want to enjoy more of the outdoors and natural surroundings of Anguilla, you can charter a boat to do some sailing or enjoy the clear blue waters from above in a helicopter. Sandy Island is one of those places that only has one restaurant and is a bit hidden from everything.

Exploring the island by boat is probably one of the best things you can do during your visit, whether you are beach hopping or just taking in a romantic sunset. Don’t leave the island before you try a rum punch though, and this native drink is something everyone should try. Or just sip a glass of rose while floating in the Caribbean.


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