What to See, Eat and Do in Bariloche, Argentina

What to See, Eat and Do in Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina can be easily mistaken for a city in Switzerland. Also known as San Carlos de Bariloche, this area is known for their outdoor vibe and Swiss alpine-style architecture. Walk around the main street and you might catch a whiff of chocolates and baked goods.

For people interested of being physically active during the winter months, Bariloche, Argentina is a common destination for skiers and hikers thanks to its location near mountains and the Lake District.

What to See

Museo de la Patagonia

This museum holds exhibits regarding the national park history. Visitors get to see indigenous artifacts and archaeological finds. The Sala Pueblos Originarios studies Mapuche people who still practice their traditions across the border in Chile.

Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

The national park is known for its scenery, which could be captured through a drive in a car or taking a stroll. Nahuel Huapi not only has hiking routes but also raft and kayaking options on its lake.

Villa La Angostura

Admire arrayán trees and lake Nahuel Huapi high in the mountains. Participants can take a nature walk through a forest, bike around the area or borrow a boat for the lake.

What to Eat

Centro Cívico

The town center is filled with Alpine houses. Buildings made of stone and log are homes to exclusive boutiques, souvenir shops, and outdoor activity stores. Take a walk around this center and you will not only find restaurants and cafes but also a cathedral that looms over a lake.

Chocolate shops
If you are craving something sweet, there are many specialty chocolate shops in Bartolomé Mitre shopping street. Locals find Chocolates Rapa Nui the best place for high-quality chocolates. It also serves ice-cream, desserts, and patisserie through its café. Chocolates del Turista, Bonifacio, and Mamuschka are trendy choices as well.

Butterfly Patagonia
A restaurant that serves only a seven-course menu, this fine dining experience serves customers the Patagonian identity. Its dishes use both classic and modern gastronomy techniques for the premier experience. Reservations are a must if you want this luxurious experience.

What to Do

Volcán Lanín

Translated as Volcano Lanín, this area is not for the faint-hearted. Occasional tremor can be felt. However, there is an official guided tour to attend to. The volcano is open for expert climbers.

Cerro Tronador

Now an extinct volcano, Cerro Tronador became the highest mountain in the lake region of Argentina. It has three distinct peaks that are identified as Argentino, Internacional, and Chileno. People can do white-water rafting in the Manso River or explore the lakes and forest.

Cerro Catedral

Come here when there is snow on the ground and you can go skiing on this ski resort. You will have a view of the surrounding natural park and the nearby Nahuel Huapi lake.

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