Air Cargo Charter Aircraft Shortage

Air Cargo Charter Aircraft Shortage

I am pleased to announce the end of a huge gap in the air cargo market.  If you were looking to fly 5 tons plus, at jet speeds, without breaking the bank for let’s say a DC9 you could forget it. The only aircraft which could affordably be…
What to Expect this Holiday Travel Season

What to Expect this Holiday Travel Season

The Transportation Security Administration has put X-ray and radio wave booths across the nation and around the world.  These booths will look underneath clothing and are used to prevent terrorists with explosives from boarding commercial flights. …
Air Charter Broker – A Man’s Best Friend

Air Charter Broker – A Man’s Best Friend

In these turbulent times, users of private aviation are increasingly receptive to more convenient, flexible and cost effective ways to fly. For anyone who uses private aviation, a great charter broker can be of tremendous value. For an aircraft…
How to choose an aircraft type

How to choose an aircraft type?

There are many varieties of jet craft. Each size is designed to fill a unique role. Larger jets are mostly designed as passenger carriers. Mid-sized jets tend to charter passengers between remote and smaller cities. Smaller jets can be used…
Cessna Citation X - the fastest operative civilian jet

How Air Charter Helps in Relief Efforts

Air Charter relief services all over the world aim to bring about the ultimate air charter relief services to those who are victims of natural and manmade disasters. Sometimes in life, people have no control over their destiny, their home…
Owning Aircraft or Chartering 1

Owning Aircraft or Chartering?

In today’s world with all the advancements and rapidly expanding technologies, anything is possible! And it seems the world gets smaller with every new step.  Any location that was once a lifetime away can now be reached.  If you have dreams…
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