College Town Visiting with Mercury Jets

College Town Visiting with Mercury Jets

Universities can be either a stressful situation or the most exciting process one can achieve. Sometimes it can be a mixture of both. Regardless if you are a parent visiting your child’s university or a will-be college student on the hunt to find your perfect university, here is a list of the coolest college towns in America. Even if you are not applying for college, you can still enjoy these locations for a fun and active adventure in these historic college towns.

Berkeley, California

A classic example of cool, this is where alumni of Noble Prize winners and leaders in their fields began The Free Speech Movement. This place has a shop down the road with Silicon Valley’s tech employers and San Francisco is nearby. Get a Berkeley air charter.

For people just stopping by, they can check out the observatory at Lawrence Hall of Science or visit the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is also a great option as well.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Home to the University of Virginia, this place is known for outdoor activities, sports teams, and a relatively quiet atmosphere. Residents can go skiing and hiking on the mountain in the area or take a road trip to see the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains. Main airport – Charlottesville-Albermarle Airport (CHO). Try CHO air charter with Mercury Jets.

Boulder, Colorado

Since 1876, a lot has changed in this college town, but some things stay the same. Taking part in community events is an age-old encouragement to help and strengthen its community. Events such as Colorado Music Festival and Memorial Day Boulder attract huge audiences every year.

The Museum of Natural History along with the Fiske Planetarium are great options for visitors. Come here during the spring to the autumn season and you can participate in cycling on the Boulder Cruiser Ride on Thursday evening with hundreds of other cyclists. Hiking, city pursuits, and skiing are popular activities with the residents here as well. You can get there via air charter Boulder.

Amherst, Massachusetts

Tailored to a college student lifestyle, there is plenty to do here. It has different bookstores, art galleries, bars, restaurants and cafes that come in all sizes. If anyone wants to take a look at Boston, it is a 30-minute drive to the capital from Amherst, Massachusetts.