How to Book and Pay for a Business Jet Charter

How to Book and Pay for a Business Jet Charter

Mercury Jets is a leading provider of non-stop, on-demand private air charters, offering instant access to seamless travel to and from cities around the world. We offer our clients the convenience of receiving real-time quotes and personalized service from experienced air charter coordinators dedicated to helping our clients maximize the benefits of on-demand private jet travel.

Below, we have shared a few tips to help you understand how Mercury Jets’ booking and payment process works for privately chartered flights.

Select a private jet for your itinerary

For advice on selecting a private jet charter customized to your travel itinerary, our team of charter coordinators provide responsive service by phone 24/7 at +1 877 359 6732, or, if you prefer, you can get an instant quote on our website.

Your charter coordinator will source a private jet that fits your budget, itinerary and personal tastes. Mercury Jets can also arrange for seamless ground transportation to save time on the way to and from the airport and your destination.

What if I don’t need to charter an entire aircraft?

The on-demand private charter business is a service built on flexibility. We can help you charter private travel based on your requirements. We have curated a few of the available business jets that are typically chartered by clients on our website. These include the fastest, most reliable, and fuel-efficient jets available in the industry.

If you don’t need the entire aircraft, consider booking an empty leg flight. Empty legs become available when a private jet is booked for a one-way flight and must return to its base for repositioning but has no passengers on the return flight. You can search for an empty leg flight on our website or speak directly to a charter coordinator to see if there are options available for your trip.

How can you provide the most competitive pricing for my private charter?

Mercury Jets is committed to providing customers with the right aircraft to maximize the value of business aviation. We do this by listening to each client’s travel needs and through continual monitoring of the private jet market. Over the years, we have become a leader in the on-demand private jet industry by providing unmatched private travel experiences for our clients and their guests, including the most competitive pricing.

After the details of your travel request are received, your charter coordinator will provide a quote that includes an overview of the aircraft available for your itinerary, including aircraft specifications, cabin amenities, and other special services you may have requested. We verify that each aircraft on your quote is in full compliance with the strictest safety regulations in the industry.

I’m worried about hidden fees. Will my quote include all charges related to my flight?

Our goal is to provide clients with completely transparent pricing. Your quote will include all charges related to your private flight including the flight, landing fees, processing fees and catering. If you request special services, such as non-standard catering, your charter coordinator will include the pricing in a detailed summary of fees for you to review and approve.

My travel plans constantly change. Can l change my private jet’s departure date or destination city without paying a fee?

On-demand private jet travel exists to provide customers with maximum flexibility. Clients can book on-demand charter flights by giving us short notice. Departure times are also flexible.

Throughout the charter process, your charter coordinator will work closely with you. If you need to change or cancel your itinerary, the charter coordinator will promptly provide updated information and notify you of any fees associated with the change request, including any cancellation fees.

Does Mercury Jets accept other currencies besides the US Dollar?

Our clients enjoy flexible payment arrangements for their private jet travel, including payments in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds (GBP), Euros, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Does paying for my private flight in advance secure my aircraft?

Our team completes a robust due diligence process to ensure the selected aircraft will be available for your charter. Your charter coordinator will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Which payment method is accepted by Mercury Jets?

Mercury Jets offers a variety of payment methods for a secure, seamless payment process.

1. Credit Card

Using a credit card is one of the most popular ways our clients pay for their private flights because on-demand private flights are typically booked with short notice.

2. Bank Transfer

Clients who travel for business frequently book travel in advance because of scheduled conferences, meetings and other plans. One of the advantages of booking a private jet in advance is the ability to pay via bank transfer. Mercury Jets accepts bank transfers in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds (GBP), or Euros.

3. Debit Card

Debit cards are another popular form of payment and usually do not incur any bank fees.

4. Bitcoin and Ethereum

Mercury Jets accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for private flights. This digital currency is popular with private jet clients because transactions are instant and can be used globally without the delays caused by banking hours, wire transfers, and fees charged by credit card companies.

5. Check

Mercury Jets accepts check payments. If you prefer to pay by check, we recommend that you first verify the address with your charter coordinator and send your check by overnight courier.

In conclusion, Mercury Jets’ clients enjoy access to the conveniences of on-demand private flying, including traveling comfortably in the most advanced business jets in the industry, and fast, secure payment methods. Whether you are preparing to travel for a weekend getaway or an extended international trip, our team is looking forward to providing you with an exceptional private flying experience.

Mercury Jets’ on-demand white-glove charter coordinators can assist you in choosing your preferred aircraft. To book a flight, call +1 212-840-8000 for our charter department. Mercury Jets offers an instant quote request. Submit your request here to price out your flight immediately.